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Heavy Training Ropes

Build your strength and stamina with training ropes! A training rope workout is great for cardio and strength building. Our training rope selection includes Training Ropes in three colors, Battling (Battle) Ropes, Heavy Ropes (jump rope size) and Climbing Ropes. We also carry training rope anchors and holders.

For help, see Choosing a Training Rope below.

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Training Ropes

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Choosing a Heavy Training Rope (a.k.a. Battling or Battle Rope)

The training rope material affects the weight per foot and the rope's flexibility. Danline is lighter and stiffer than polyester. Our heaviest and most flexible ropes are Training Ropes (3 colors) which are 50% danline and 50% polyester. Next heaviest are Battling Ropes® which are 80% danline and 20% polyester. Our lightest and least flexible ropes are Economy Battle Ropes which are 100% danline (these are great for beginners). Note that all of our training ropes do not shed and can be used indoors or outdoors. More polypropylene danline means more ultra-violet resistance when using outdoors.

Longer heavy ropes will give you a more challenging and "fluid" workout. The most popular length is 50 feet, followed by 40 feet and 30 feet. A 50 foot battle rope is recommended if you're between 5'6" and 6'6". A 50' training rope creates big waves for a smooth workout. Also, keep in mind that you can shorten your training rope by tying a knot. For smaller people or kids, consider a 40' or 30' battle rope.

The most popular training rope diameter is 1.5 inches. This diameter is great for high intensity, cardio and strength training. They're easier to grip (especially for small hands) than the 2 inch diameter rope. For maximum strength training, consider a 2 inch diameter training rope. These battle ropes are 35% larger than the 1.5" ropes and require a large hand and a very strong grip. The most popular training rope is 1.5" by 50'.

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