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At Perform Better we know Kettlebell Training! Kettlebells are an awesome functional training tool. They emphasize muscle integration, not muscle isolation. Check out our articles, instructional videos and exercise videos to aid you in your kettle bell training.


We're here to answer your exercise and training questions, or to help you select the proper kettlebell equipment for your needs.


Featured Kettlebell Training Articles


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Ask the Expert: Pavel Tsatsouline


Pavel Tsatsouline"The shape and compact size of a kettlebell allows one to safely accelerate it eccentrically in exercises like swings and snatches. Another unique benefit of the kettlebell's offset center of gravity is the special manner in which the shoulder is loaded in overhead lifts. This promotes mobility and stability."


Pavel Tsatsouline, Chairman and Chief Instructor, StrongFirst.com




Kettlebell Weight Selection


In this video, Jason C. Brown introduces kettlebell training and provides information on kettlebell size and weight selection. When it comes to selecting a kettlebell weight to begin with, there are no hard and fast rules. It comes down to the individual.


In general, it is suggested that women start with an 8, 10, or 12 kg. kettlebell (17.6 lbs., 22 lbs. or 26.4 lbs.). For most men, it is suggested to start with a 16 kg. (35.2 lb.) to 20 kg. (44 lb.) kettlebell.


There are training scenarios where training with a slightly heavier kettlebell can be beneficial. For example, it may be easier to learn the kettlebell clean exercise if you're using a kettlebell that is slightly heavier than you're accustomed to, especially if you're having trouble "taming the arc" with a lot of impact on your wrist. So, if you're a woman who typically trains with an 8 kg. kettlebell, try a 10 kg. or 12 kg. kettlebell.


If you're an athletic 200 lb. male, a 16 kg. might be too light for you, particularly when doing exercises like the kettlebell clean. Don't necessarily be afraid to try a 20 kg. or 24 kg. kettlebell to try out certain exercises.



Instructional Kettlebell Videos


The Kettlebell Swing


In this video, Jason C. Brown teaches the kettlebell swing exercise, incuding preparatory stretching exercises. The swing is a fundamental kettle bell exercise.



View more instructional kettlebell videos, including:


• Kettlebell Snatch

• Vertical Kettlebell Snatch

• Kettlebell Turkish Getup

• Kettlbell Overhead Presses


Featured Kettlebell Exercises



This video demonstrates four different exercises using First Place Kettlebells:


• Alternating Lateral Lunge with Kettlebell Presses

• Kettlebell Swing to Rack to Presses

• Single Leg Kettlebell Deadlifts

• Kettlebell Windmills