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Perform Better Rewards Program


Rewards Program. Earn Points. Save Money. It's Easy!


Get rewarded for purchases, social activity, referrals and more! It's easy and free! All you need is an active performbetter.com account in order to sign up, and view & redeem your rewards. You do not need to be subscriber to our promotional email list, but you will receive membership related emails including exclusive promotions, reward information, and reminders.


For every dollar you spend on qualifying purchases, you earn 1 point, 1.25 points or 1.5 points based on your Rewards Tier Level. When you reach 100 points, you can redeem a $5 coupon reward to use on future purchases. Earn more points to redeem additional rewards. 200 points unlocks a $10 coupon; 300 points unlocks a $15 coupon; 400 points unlocks a $20 coupon; 500 points unlocks a $25 coupon.


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As You Earn Points, You'll Reach New Rewards Tiers. With Each Tier Comes New Rewards.


"Points Required" is based on your earned points during a calendar year.


Perform Better Rewards Program Tiers


Redeem Your Points for Rewards!

Once you earn enough points, you can redeem rewards coupons at checkout. To see what rewards you qualify for, log in to your Perform Better account and go to your Rewards Dashboard. Under the "My Rewards" tab, you will see a list of rewards. Based on your available points, the rewards you are eligible for will be highlighted. Available coupons will be available for redemption when you check out.

$5 Coupon

$10 Coupon

15 Coupon

$20 Coupon

$25 Coupon


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