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The #1 portable or stationary Metabolic Conditioning device designed to engage the entire musculo-skeletal system and core superior to Battle Ropes, far more caloric burn than double-under jump ropes. Attach it, use it virtually anywhere at home or on the go and begin one of the most intense workouts of your life. Yes we said it, and you better believe it!

  • Work against the inertia of the waves in order to generate resistance.
  • Control the wave oscillations while adding aerobic load.
  • Engages the core, burns calories and challenges cognitive skills.
  • Lightweight cords are 10' in length and come with wrist straps and rail straps (for anchoring).
  • Attach to any anchor point of your choice at home, in the gym, or on the go.  Click here to watch!

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A portable Metabolic Conditioning device designed to enhance athletic performance for athletes, firefighters, military or law enforcement personnel, and others who regularly engage in extremely demanding physical activities.

The Inertia Wave is a safer, more effective High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) or Tabata alternative to the Battle Ropes... blowing them away in core engagement, energy systems, caloric expenditure, and cognitive skills.

*Smooth, rhythmic, and coordinated movements.

*Benefits your entire body and strengthens your core.

*Less than 2.7 lbs., its lightweight, portable and easy to store.

*With 30 ways to anchor you can work out and take it ANYWHERE!

*Caloric Burn-EPOC far greater than Battle ropes (SCSU-MIT).

*100% Safe when properly practicing the 7-Methods of Use.

*Does not fray, unwind or tear!

*Cognitive connections are overwhelming, timing, hand eye coordination increased.

AMAZING Customer Service

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I have yet to even try the product but the customer service provided by this company is AMAZING! The conversations with the owner and the way that he deals with things are fantastic. He puts his clients first and ensures repeat customers. His business sense is indicative as he understands the need to ensure happy customers who will recommend his products over a couple of dollars.

Wonderful purchase!

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Wonderful purchase so far. I bought a second one actually—one for myself and (I’m a personal trainer) use the first one with clients.

I was looking for battle ropes that were light and portable and stumbled across the Inertia Wave by accident.

Not only do my clients love it, but I’ve been impressed by the quality, the variety of applications it allows, and its ability to provide an experience just as metabolically challenging as battle ropes.

Would definitely recommend!


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I am loving the inertia wave!! As a trainer, athlete and former military law enforcement officer, I am always looking to challenge myself. I was getting bored with battle ropes and decided to purchase the inertia wave Sorinex, as well as the duo. My husband and I tried them out the day they arrived in the mail!! We will definitely be incorporating this product into our training as well as our clients' training!


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I am beyond thrilled to endorse this product. I have used it both personally and as a tool to enhance the training experience of my clientele. i have encouraged my entire roster to purchase an Inertia Wave of their own so I can prescribe homework for them.
Personally, I love it more than any other tool I've used for my own, high performance workouts and HIIT sessions. The PERFECT compliment to any hard gainer, lifting session.



"These don't seem like they would be any better than battle ropes imo..."

Blows Battle Ropes Away

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The first time I used these I felt more impact after only 20 seconds, than I ever had with years of using a battle rope. The amount of muscles that are engaged go far and above anything a battle rope could.
I was extremely skeptical at first when I first saw these but more and more started using them and offering testimonials that I decided to finally try them. They are worth every penny and I am constantly thinking of ways to add them into my workouts. I can't wait to get them in the hands of my clients!

Best purchase of the year!

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We purchased the Inertia Wave a week ago and immediately set it up according to all of the recommendations provided to us, we tried it out for about 5 minutes the 1st day and did our 1st HIIT circuit with it on day 3...We love it! So much more challenging and taxing than the traditional battle rope. The bands give instant auditory, visual and tactile feed back - and the feeling the next'll never get that from battle ropes. These things will definitely require so serious practice and dedication to get proficient at and to maintain the proper rhythm but we are looking forward to mastering the basic 7 and moving into some of the advance techniques - every gym/home gym should have one! Oh, and the customer service is 2nd to none!

p.s. - we just ordered 3 more!

Definitely the right choice

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Great product, completely love it. Its totally different from the battle ropes. You can a actually feel it working.

Marketing Pretending to be Science and Research

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Comparing inertia waves to battle ropes is like comparing resistance bands to dumbbells. I have done IW’s and BR’s and BR’s provide more metabolic stimulus, as power output is force times distance over time, and the IW’s elasticity provide its own engine. Saying IW’s are more demanding and metabolically enhancing is like saying a moped makes you burn more calories than a bike…it just isn’t true, because of physics. Also, because of physics you can progressively overload in a measurable way with a battle rope, but you cannot with the Inertia Wave.