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The most frustrating thing to a personal development coach is observing how many people want so much more from their lives, yet so few achieve any level of success. My career has spanned over four decades, with several hundred thousand people passing through my workshops and several thousand personal clients through the years. So many seekers, yet not enough success stories, because so few can express what they want from their lives and their careers.

After all of this experience, I would love to tell you I found the hidden secrets of what it takes to seek, and find, the upper levels of your own talent... that there is some type of magic I could sell to anyone in a short course, online, guaranteed to make you rich and famous or your money back... but I can’t because this magic doesn’t exist. But the big question, though, can be answered... why do some rise, and others fail?

I don’t define success as just money, although just about every self-help course sold on IG does these days. To me, true success is exploring and developing the talents you have, then exploiting those abilities to find whatever level of success you seek for yourself. And there are common skills, the basic tools of life if you will, that enable the successful ones to find their way upward.

The most successful in life have the ability to express themselves through their speaking. These people can be heard when others can’t. Even the best ideas are meaningless if you cannot convey them to the people who need them to make change. The most successful can also clearly express themselves through the written word. It might be a book of their theories or ideas, or simply a business communication to a team they are leading, but the best of the best have the skill sets needed to put into writing, powerfully and articulately, their ideas and feelings.

Finally, successful people have a strong sense of who they are and what they want. What are your strengths? Where are you weak? What is your personal brand, does it work for you, and will it carry you to the next level? Simply put, what do I want and how will I develop myself to get there? Self-discovery is the toughest, and slowest way, to get ahead in life. Guided discovery, where an experienced coach, one who has helped many get to where you want to be, is the short cut to success. The power of outside eyes to help you see what is possible within yourself.

This series is designed to help you develop all of these skill sets. Many of the students in these courses have gone on to become some of the most successful people in their fields, rising to a level of success they designed for themselves. The question we all think about, but so few ever find the answer to... how good can I be?

-Thomas Plummer

Speaker School


Writing School


Professional Development School

Topic: The Future of the Gym Business Is Its Past


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