Softmed Medicine Ball

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$9.95 to $13.95

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Softmed Medicine Balls are non-bouncing, small medicine balls (4.5" diameter) that are filled with sand. The soft, "squishy" feel of Softmed Medicine Balls make them easy and safe to grip.

Softmed Medicine Ball Features:

  • Soft, sand-filled balls are color-coded by weight.
  • Small size allows them to fit in the palm of your hands (4.5" diameter).
  • Great for adding resistance to exercises without limiting your range of motion.
  • Air inside easily adjusts with a needle pump for customized firmness.
  • 2 year warranty. 
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    Great for practicing indoor discus throws

    by -

    I like this ball. I use it for indoor discus throw training. It's the weight of a 1k discus, and can be thrown into a wall without harming wall or ball. Nice and grippy.

    Good product but I was not informed it was out of stock. Check before ordering!

    by -

    I like this ball. I use it for indoor shot put practice. I can throw it against a wall without damaging wall or ball. Of course it much lighter than a shot, but it can build form and speed.

    But.....this item was out of stock when I placed my order. AND..I was not informed of that. I had to call several days later when the item did not arrive with another item. This is the cardinal sin of retailing! FAIL! MF did expedite shipping when it was back in stock, but I wanted it earlier.

    the need

    by -

    very helpful,

    Very happy with these items

    by -

    Very nice quality and a helpful piece of equipment.

    Good workout tool

    by -

    Great to add to your workout routine. I’m using mine to rehab my shoulder aft total shoulder replacement surgery.
    One problem with the ball, it’s not soft. Too much sand in it?
    Would like to have it a little softer so you can hold on to it with one hand better.