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First Place Gravity Kettlebell

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First Place Gravity Kettlebells are durable, economical kettlebells.

First Place Gravity Kettlebell Features:

  • Available in 22 different weights.
  • Portable! Kettlebells are heavy but compact.
  • First Place Gravity Kettlebells have a smooth, flat bottom for stability.
  • Epoxy-filled, urethane-coated text makes the weight of each bell easy to identify.

  • Benefits/Uses:

  • Helps develop total body strength, power, and endurance.
  • Kettlebells work the body across a wide range of angles.
  • Increases your dynamic flexibility.
  • The off-centered weight of kettlebells increases the demand placed on core stabilization, agility, and proprioception.
  • Use for squats, throws, cleans, jerks, snatches, rotational swings and more.

  • *Due to the weight of the First Place Gravity Kettlebell, some heavier sizes have a shipping surcharge added at checkout. 

    Expedited shipping methods are not always covered by the websites calculations. We will contact you via email within 24 hours of placing your order if this is the case. 

    Please feel free to call, live chat, or email us at Performbetter@performbetter.com and we'll gladly provide you with a customized shipping quote. 

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    Perfect bells

    by -

    The new PB kettlebells are perfect. Text and grip on point and design is perfect for doing cleans.

    Well made, smooth grip

    by -

    I recently purchased a 26 Kg. Gravity kettlebell from Perform Better. I have in the past also purchased 5 other bells from PB (14Kg., 18 Kg., 2 24Kg plastic coated, and 28 Kg.). I have found them to be well made, with handles that are smooth and well balanced. I also like the very flat bottom on the bell which adds considerable stability.
    My only complaint is the cost of shipping (even during a "free shipping" sale period, where PB still charged me a "shipping and handling" fee as well as an additional shipping fee). $35 shipping for a 26 Kg bell adds considerably to the cost.
    Even so, PB is still my go to store for kettlebells.


    by -

    Great proportions and grip. High quality. No complaints!

    Great product, excellent service

    by -

    Nice finish, even, and consistent shape. Shipment was fast, packaging sufficient to avoid damage. I am very pleased with the service.

    High quality

    by -

    They are very high quality. Extremely well balanced and durable. My only complaint is that even during PB "free shipping" times, the kettlebells are not eligible for it. The shipping adds considerable cost.

    Swinging on the block

    by -

    Since Covid-19 has hit, I've needed to up my home gym game. This 32kg Kettlebell has already paid for itself, and I only received it a couple weeks ago.
    Since this arrived I've absolutely been dominating the home workouts. Not only does a few kettlebell swings get you sweating in no time, but it lets everyone know who the alpha on the block is. Shirtless workouts on the driveway throwing this big boy around lets a passerby know not to try a home invasion here.
    This Kettlebells has helped transform my physic into that of an olympic greco roman wrestler and turned my street into Electric Avenue. I'm gonna need to up the weight here pretty soon.
    Highly recommend this product

    Ultimate Warrior

    by -

    Are you looking to get more jacked than the Ultimate Warrior circa 1993?
    Then this kettlebell is the building block on your way to Jacked City. I don't know most of the names of the exercises I do with kettlebells, bc truth be told, I get most of my exercises via instagram. But I can tell you right now, this kettlebell is the perfect weight to get that heart pumping. If you already have super massive arms like me, this is a great product for one arm curls as well, 28kgs = 61 pounds, no big deal for these biceps.
    So get this kettlebell now before everyone else gets way more buff than you. I know I already am.

    No Off Season

    by -

    What have we learned in 2020, that there is a possibility, that we may not have a Beach Season.
    Beach Season? Beach Season implies there's an offseason, and there is no off season when it comes to your fitness.
    If you are looking to maintain your incredible body throughout the whole year, this 20kg kettlebell will do the trick no doubt.
    A lot of people may have to start out doing their exercises with 2 arms, but after a few short months, you will be dominating this kettlebell with one arm. Make sure you stay with it though and keep that body tight throughout the entire year. There's nothing worse than seeing your gains get destroyed because you decided to take a few days (which turned into months) off.
    I'm telling you right now, order this kettlebell. You will not only get stronger, but you will see the fat melt off of you.
    If you have read this far and haven't already entered in your credit card I don't even know what you are doing anymore.

    Great all around kettlebell

    by -

    Great quality kettlebells. I received my 32kg bells in 2 days and couldn't be happier! I wish the shipping was included as a bundle and not separate. I would have bought more. Balance, grip and finish are excellent!

    You Will Be Happy You Made the Investment in a Quality Product

    by -

    I used PB kettlebells at the gym and liked them alot, made the mistake of ordering a knock off KB from Amazon, felt cheap, easily chipped, saved a few bucks but not as good as PB. Since then, I have ordered only PB kettlebells and have been very happy. PB is a high quality product, no defects or imperfections, feel good in hands, holds us to regular use. May be a few bucks more (especially with the shipping) but totally worth it. These KBs will last a lifetime and are totally worth the investment if you are serious about your health. As I have gotten stronger, gone back and purchased additional KBs from PB and have not been disappointed. So glad I went with PB.


    by -

    Excellent, perfect grip in regards to shape/ size and surface. Extremely durable. Rate them as a 5.

    Would buy from the again

    by -

    I bought four kettlebells from Perform Better. They are good products priced competitively. One of them was damaged during shipping and the good folks at PB took care of it promptly. I high recommend buying from them.


    by -

    The best out there. The way they feel during exercise is great, and this company has really refined the kettlebells over years of making them. I wouldn't want anything else.


    by -

    I'm a kettlebell instructor and have tried most of the major KB brands. PB just hits different. They have really high quality bells and my favorite part about them is the handles. Especially as the bells get bigger in size, they don't get insanely bulky or too big where you think your swing grip is gonna give out. They also have a flatter side that sits nicely on your arm which is great for when I'm teaching a beginner with history of wrist banging where it should properly sit. I know most bells have this, but again, PB's is just better. Shipping is really high compared to other brands, but overall bells are something you are going to have for a long time and it's worth purchasing for the longevity and performance benefits. LOVE PB, can't wait to purchase more. Transit wise, there were no issues - arrived quickly and in perfect condition

    Don't think twice, buy it!

    by -

    Incredibly fast shipping and amazing price for a high quality kettlebell. I'm itching to but more now.

    48kg for the win

    by -

    Purchased a 48kg bell last spring. I own a set of the older style 28kg with the rubber bottoms and really enjoy them, the paint did start to chip a bit overtime. The finish on the current model is excellent and the dimensions are perfect for large hands to do 2 handed swings.