First Place Ankle Cuff

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First Place Ankle Cuffs are a great lateral resistance tool for lower body strengthening.

  • First Place Ankle Cuffs have a 24" band and 2 padded ankle cuffs for comfort and durability.
  • Great for lateral steps, shuffles, runs and more!
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    We Have used these for years


    We use these for lateral walks, monster walks, etc. They are easy to take on and off. They are a great alternative to Lifeline Lateral Resistance Bands which tend to be to long for people with shorter legs.

    Band walk exercises


    Purchased to use for band walk exercises but find medium resistance to be stronger than medium stretch bands


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    I have several of these, used them for nine years mostly for lateral band walks and monster walks. When the pandemic hit and I had to translate my exercises from the gym to home, I attached a couple light ones to non-moveable furniture to do rows and lat pulldowns. Despite all this heavy (and unusual) use, not one of them has broken. I've had two Lifeline branded ones break doing lateral band walks. The only comparable brand I've found are Fitness First, and they have a fifth, extra heavy version--but I haven't found a truly practical use for a band that heavy (might as well use a bicycle tire!). I see Perform Better has new ankle cuff, but I'm sticking to these for sure.