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DATE - Tuesday, January 19th
TIME - 2:00pm EST.



• Owner of Drive Fitness in NYC
• One of the most sought after coaches in the world, with a high-profile clientele roster ranging from professional athletes to celebrities and business moguls
• Men's Health Advisory Board Member as well as launched multiple digital platforms and is the founding partner in half a dozen brands



• Director of Performance for Mater Dei High School in Santa Ana, CA.
• Doctor of Medical Qigong and one of the pioneers of kettlebell training for athletes
• Strength and Conditioning coach for 22 years, as well as a Division I Strength coach for 20 years

Why the Kettlebell? - Part III

So you know all about the swing. You’re feeling good about your Get Up and Press. You’ve even mastered something called a Gorilla Row and Windmill. The big question now is, how does all of this fit into your daily training?

Join celebrity trainer Don Saladino and strength coach Chris Holder as they crack the code on how to seamlessly integrate kettlebell training into your program. Whether you want to sprinkle kettlebells into your existing barbell routines or have decided to scrap all other pieces of equipment and make kettlebells your bread and butter, our guys will help you think your way through some of the common programming obstacles. Join Don and Chris on Tuesday, January 19th for this free live webinar and get all of your questions answered!

Why the Kettlebell – Part III

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