Even though we’re exercising social distancing, that doesn’t mean we have to stop learning! Perform Better is excited to host a FREE Weekly Webinar Series for all our customers and past seminar attendees! These webinars are designed to provide trainers, coaches, and therapists with live presentations and Q&A sessions via ZOOM – taking place every Tuesday at 2:00pm EST - that can be taken advantage of without ever leaving your home.

Date: Tuesday, March 2nd
Time: 2:00pm EST

Michol Dalcourt, CFC, PTS


• Founder and CEO of Institute of Motion.
• Inventor of ViPR PRO.
• Co-Founder of PTA Global.
• Internationally recognized industry leader in health & human performance.
Preparedness – Augmenting Health & Human Performance

To properly prepare for activity requires a thoughtful and systematic approach in ‘warming up’ the system. To have Preparedness however, means spending time making the body unbreakable. In this session, Michol will examine some key considerations necessary to enhance Preparedness. He will explore the science and application of topics like BreathWork, Oculomotor Integration, Foot/Ground Relationship, Triplanar Hip Function, and Thoracic Spine Coupled Motion, while putting context to how you can program this for your clients and athletes. Don’t miss this opportunity to see Preparation in a whole new light!

Weekly Webinar Series

Date: Tuesday, March 9th
Time: 2:00pm EST

Charlie Weingroff, CSCS, TPI, CFSC


• World-renowned Physical Therapist and Performance Coach.
• Director of Physical Performance, Men’s Canadian National Basketball Team.
• Former Strength & Conditioning Coach, Philadelphia 76ers, NBA.
Training = Rehab 2021

In 2009, Training = Rehab was nothing more than the title of a video product. Its initial success led to multiple sequels chronicling Charlie’s changes and development over the years. What has never changed is the principle of practitioners of all expertise should work together within a common language and linking together all of their individual methods into a cohesive system. During this presentation, Charlie will highlight the evolution and development of how you can use your own methods and team of relationships in as complete a model of physical development as possible.

Weekly Webinar Series

Date: Tuesday, March 16th
Time: 2:00pm EST

Lee Burton, Ph.D., ATC, CSCS


• Co-Founder of the Functional Movement Screen.
• President and Co-Owner of Functional Movement Systems.
• Former Program Director for Athletic Training at Averett University.
Program Design Considerations for Improving Musculoskeletal Health

Physical inactivity is a leading contributor to many health related problems. Too often the solution is to increase your physical activity and exercise. Many individuals do not know where to start or what to do and they simply start exercising. However, the data suggests that many times exercise leads to injury, thereby increasing physical inactivity. During this session Dr. Lee Burton will discuss how to break this cycle and identify specific strategies that will improve musculoskeletal health leading to improved exercise experience.

Weekly Webinar Series