Weekly Webinar Series

Even though we’re exercising social distancing, that doesn’t mean we have to stop learning! Perform Better is excited to host a FREE Weekly Webinar Series for all our customers and past seminar attendees! These webinars are designed to provide trainers, coaches, and therapists with live presentations and Q&A sessions via ZOOM – taking place every Tuesday at 2:00pm EST - that can be taken advantage of without ever leaving your home.

Date: Tuesday, June 15th
Time: 2:00pm EST



• CEO and Co-Owner of M2 Speed, Strength & Performance.
• Tsunami Bar Sports/Bar Bell Board of Advisors.
• Author and CEO of guymassi.com Personal/Professional Growth & Trajectory services.
• 30 years developing Emergency Service and Work Force clients as well as Youth, High School, Collegiate, Olympic and Professional clients and teams.
• Host Coach of the Perform Better video training series “Move Your Feet”.
Create to Compete: Gaining & Retaining Clients with Creative Objective Testing

Often overlooked, both traditional and creative methods of objective testing can be one of the simplest methods to gain or retain clients and athletes within your training model. If properly employed, humans are fueled and motivated by competition against themselves or others. Delve into traditional and modified objective testing, and embrace the freedom to build and utilize your own methods for testing and tracking progress. Learn to utilize Coach Massi’s “Landmarks, Benchmarks & Goals ©” progression system to develop healthy, independent clients who freely choose to train within your business and training model. Bonus content addressing Speed, Force, Velocity and Quickness.

Weekly Webinar Series