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Core Strength 1

It takes something special for a world champion to incorporate a new product into a training program that already has some of the world’s top athletes competing in peak condition. Decorated world grappling champion and coach to multiple UFC stars Ricky Lundell has done just that with his incorporation of the Core Strength 1 ultimate all in one system.  Lundell and his wife Holly, a strength and conditioning coach who works alongside him in overseeing the workout regimen of professional athletes like two time UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir, immediately saw the benefits to an area of conditioning that Ricky describes as the most important to anyone, regardless of occupation or walk of life.

“No matter what someone does for a living, be it professional athletics or sitting at a desk all day, core strength is the most essential area of conditioning to staying healthy and fighting off those phantom aches and pains” says Lundell.  “It’s amazing to me how many professional gyms don’t put a proper emphasis on that area with their equipment selection.  This machine meets that need, and in fact takes it to a whole new level.”

Because of its comparable accessories, the possibilities of developing new exercises on the CS1 are endless.  “For me, the attachments like the battle ropes and resistance bands have created innumerable combinations for me to challenge my athletes in their workouts” Lundell points out.  “I’m still finding new ways every day to use them in conjunction with the CS1 base.”

Lundell also praises the merits of the equipment’s structural design.  “One of the ancillary benefits of the Core Strength 1 design is its durability and lack of mechanical moving parts.  So often, gym equipment falls into disrepair because of frequent maintenance needed on complicated designs.  This unit relies on a solid base structure, with easily replaceable, low cost accessories that take the brunt of the daily wear and tear.  It can take the rigors of working with professional fighters and an entire wrestling team, but it is also easily manageable and adaptable to novice workouts.  Every one of my pro athletes has found the workouts to be extremely difficult, while my casual fitness enthusiasts have found it easy to taper the equipment down to their lesser needs.”

Holly Lundell is quick to weigh in on the point that CS1 is also gender neutral when it comes to what it offers.  “Whether it is the male and female professional athletes that I work with, or the men and women who come to me with basic needs of getting in and staying in shape, this machine works equally well with both sexes.  Men tend to be more explosive, while women are often more gifted in areas of flexibility and movement.  The CS1 system has benefitted my male and female clients with equally beneficial results.”

Ricky and Holly Lundell can be seen working out on and training professional athletes with the Core Strength 1 on Instagram @rickylundell & @hollylundell.