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The Online Battling Ropes Certification Course

By John Brookfield

After years of people asking and suggesting to me to offer an online certification course on the Battling Ropes I decided to move forward and do just that. I am very pleased to let everyone know that I just completed three very high quality online courses. They are: Battling Ropes Certification, Brookfield's Barrel Workshop, and Beyond Bodyweight Training. I will give you a brief overview of each course and the content involved.

Battling Ropes Certification Course

The Battling Ropes online certification course shows and explains the different concepts of the training system as well as how to apply them with your clients, players or team members. You will learn how to implement and program these different elements of the training in a safe very productive way which will yield great results no matter what your level of fitness is.

1 – Battling Ropes Velocity System – The velocity system will teach you how to sustain velocity over time so that you can stay on task physically and mentally and train or compete at a higher level of intensity over longer durations of time. You will learn all of these exercises, how to apply them and how to progress through the exercises to get the greatest benefit for you your client or team. The gains from the velocity system will transfer to your sport or battlefield and help give you the advantage.

2 – Battling Ropes Pole System – The Pole System will teach you many exercises which will greatly enhance your strength endurance and your ability to resist fatigue by increasing your lactic acid threshold. You will learn and train in a variety of body positions so that you will gain great strength, endurance and injury prevention from a wide variety of positions. This system will develop tremendous endurance while also developing your grip strength and body awareness in a functional manner.

3 – Push/Pull Strength System – The push/pull system will safely put you in position where you have to push and pull at the same time which will develop great real life strength while teaching you a greater body awareness which will help keep you resilient and injury free. You will learn how the standard Battling Rope can be used by everyone on these exercises no matter their strength and fitness level. This concept of the training has been seldom seen but is a must for your toolbox.

4 – Partner and Team Training – You will learn how to train with a partner or entire team with these exercises and drills. This will give you greater opportunities to teach classes, train teams and conduct boot camps. The Partner and Team Training methods are a fun motivating way to keep people on task and encourage them not to stop because of the team aspect. You will learn how to hook up the different Battling Ropes nets which will keep an entire team or group on task.

The Battling Ropes online certification course shows all of the exercises and concepts on high quality video format and also has a manual with photos and overviews of each exercise and drill. The course also has a written test which must be passed. You will receive a certificate of completion after you finish the course.

We are also very pleased to tell you that the Battling Ropes course has written research on the velocity training. This research has been the ongoing findings from Dr. Mike Martino. Dr. Martino is a professor who is over the exercise science program at Georgia college who conducts a graduate course in Kinesiology. Dr. Martino has written research papers on the Battling Ropes and has been a director with the NSCA. There is also an audio conference call with Dr. Martino explaining his findings and research on the Battling Ropes where he answers and explains many very interesting questions that have been asked on what the system does and the results it produces. You will find the physiological responses he has found to be quite interesting.

The certification course also shows different workouts and programming ideas which you can you to challenge yourself, your clients or your team. You will also learn how to care and take care of your ropes and the proper set up of the different concepts of the training. You will learn the origin of the training system and how it was created, founded and developed.

Brookfield Barrels Workshop

The Brookfield Barrel online course is the ultimate for developing strength and power while also learning great body awareness and balance. The course utilizes barrels that are pushed, pulled, rotated and manipulated in a wide variety of ways. The training will naturally teach the trainee the best position to have their body in for creating force into the ground which will yield the ultimate in power and strength.

You will learn double barrel drills and exercises as well as single barrel drills and exercises, agility training and partner training. There is even a sport or competition style with the barrel training you will learn in which you can compete against yourself or others. The training is extremely safe and can be effectively implemented by anyone no matter their strength, fitness level or age.

Brookfield Barrel training is unlike anything you have ever seen or learned and there is no lifting of the barrels only the manipulating of the barrels in different ways. You will learn how to progress through he system and I guarantee your gains will please you and will transfer into any sport or activity you engage in.

Beyond Bodyweight Training

Beyond Bodyweight Training is a special course that will teach you unique, safe and effective body weight training exercises and drills. These principles are very different and not the same old exercises that most people do. These exercises have progressions that will keep the trainee motivated and constantly making gains in strength, endurance, balance and coordination. Just a few of the concepts are listed below.

1 – Weight of Water – This is actually a system within itself that teaches the trainee to develop greatly physically and mentally as you are forced to stay on task as you work through difficulties. This system will teach the person to succeed in all aspects of their lives.

2 – Chain Crawls and Drags – These exercises utilize a variety of crawling techniques with added progressions which will not only reset and condition the body but also develop great strength and power in the individual as you progress through the training.

3 – Wall Work – These exercises make use of a wall in a very unique way which will train the body to become strong and resilient while finding the bodies weak links and then correcting them.

4 – Rope Pulling – You will learn a variety of special bodyweight drills applying the ropes as you are forced to hold bodyweight positions while pulling and manipulating the ropes.

The Beyond Bodyweight course is truly what it says, as it will take your results beyond what you would ever achieve with normal bodyweight training. The system will continue to push you and force you to engage which will produce the results you have been looking for.


I am confident you will find these courses very helpful, well done and informative. I also know that these courses will take you to the next level as far as your own training and knowledge as well as your clients and players with which you implement these methods. All of these methods you will learn I have developed myself, field tested them and used myself to achieve the results I was searching for. These methods are safe, proven and will take your training and knowledge to the next level and set you above and apart from your competition.

These three courses are part of Brookfield Training Systems. I plan to develop more courses in the near future. I look forward to teaching these methods as I know you will gain great wisdom from them.

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(March 2016)