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Foam Rollers

Beyond Foam Rolling: Foundations of Deep Tissue Self Bodywork for the IT Band by Roman Torgovitsky
IT Band (iliotibial band) tightness is a prevalent issue amongst athletes and is often attributed to pain in the hips, outer thighs, and knees. To address this, many athletes, trainers, and physical therapists have been using foam rollers to "roll out" the IT Band with varying degrees of success.

Foam Roller Instructional Video
This comprehensive video shows many foam roller exercises for flexibility, stretching, rehab and balance training.

Foam Roller and Tennis Ball – Surprising Massage and Stretch Tools by Ryan Krane
Two pieces of “equipment” that can really help you stretch and massage your tight muscles? A foam roller and a tennis ball!

Foam Rollers – the Softer Side of Fitness by Ryan Krane
At first glance, the foam roller is a seemingly harmless piece of equipment. Not heavy and daunting like a kettlebell or complicated like a pilates reformer. You might wonder what exactly could this soft, comfortable-looking bolt of foam do for my fitness routine?

How to Foam Roll Like a Pro
10 to 15 minutes a day is all it takes. Ready to roll? Here's how!

Is Foam Rolling Bad for You? by Mike Boyle
Mike Boyle responds to two widely distributed "articles" critical of foam rolling. The word articles is in quotes because both so-called articles were actually blog posts.

Self Myofascial Release Techniques by Michael Clark and Alan Russell
By performing Self-Myofascial Release techniques on a simple piece of foam, your can improve flexibility, function, performance, and reduce injuries.

Using Foam Rollers by Mike Boyle
What happened to bring foam rollers into prominence? The change has been in our attitude toward massage therapy.


Extreme Flexibility by Donald A. Chu and Kyle Barbour
Extreme flexibility, required in many sports, can be defined as requiring a full frontal split between the two legs with the crotch resting comfortably on the ground. The Flexcushion is an aide to achieving normal flexibility and range of motion as well as going beyond these to the practice of extreme flexibility.

Functional Flexibility – Lower Extremity in All Three Planes of Motion by Mary Repking
The TRI-STRETCH® allows for biomechanically correct lengthening of the muscles of the lower extremity in all three planes while in a functional, weight bearing position.

Functional Flexibility – Complex Made Simple (Article and Video) by Lenny Parracino
Whether training for golf, football, baseball, or any sport, most athletes realize the benefits from a strength training program, yet rarely recognize the importance of a flexibility program. Flexibility is the foundation of what we do!

Spine Flexion Exercise: The Issues Affecting Health and Performance by Stuart McGill
Professor McGill addresses the confusion regarding the issue of spine flexion and the misquoting of work on the topic. First, some general thoughts are addressed, followed with discussion of the mechanisms of athletic performance, injury resilience, and suggestions for designing training sessions.


3 Easy Exercises Using Your Feet by Ryan Krane
Ryan Krane demonstrates three stretching exercises using your feet.

Beginners Guide to Movement Prep by EXOS
Movement Prep, as the term suggests, prepares your body for movement. It's a series of innovative and dynamic movements that increases your core temperature, prepares your nervous system for physical activity, and strengthens your body.

Benefits of Stretching! by Ryan Krane
What people are avoiding in their workouts is stretching because they don't make the time to stretch before and after their exercise routines. They would rather lift weights or exercise aerobically instead of stretching.

Got Knee Pain? Then Do This by Ryan Krane
A big reason why so many people suffer from knee pain is a combination of poor flexibility, weakness in their legs, and improper posture in their legs, hips, and feet.

Just These 3 Things For Your Back!! That's It... by Ryan Krane
Three amazing exercises to get your back in tip-top shape!

Movement Prep Components 101 by Nick Winkelman
An approach to warming up, or Movement Prep. Movement Prep is an integrated approach to prepare athletes physically and mentally for the demands of training and competition through a progressive and specific period.

Myofascial Mobility Through Strategic Movement by Anthony Carey
Anthony Carey presents a strategy of improving myofascial mobility through strategic movement and demonstrate how the Core-Tex™ can facilitate this process in the absence of a coach, trainer, or therapist.

Service Your Stride: The Runner's Edition from Soma System®
Iliotibial Band Syndrome (ITBS), a well-known injury in the running circle, is when the thick strap of connective tissue (IT band) that runs down the outer thigh becomes painful and inflamed. Less known in the community is that the root of this problem often comes from the short, almost hidden muscle that originates on the pelvis and blends into the IT band (spanning the territory a front pocket would occupy), called the tensor fascia latae (TFL).

Static Stretching (Balanced Body Series) by Gray Cook
Gray Cook covers the benefits of static stretching.

Whole Body Vibration and Gravity by Gary Gray
Vertical whole body vibration produces the same desired effect as facilitated by gravity and ground reaction force through the entire chain of the body.