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What's Your New Year's Coaching Resolution?


Here's a resolution to consider for 2015: To push yourself not only in the weight room but also in the classroom.

It's easy to get caught up in work and training—both for yourself and for clients. But continuing education is the key to thriving and growing as a coach. It should be viewed not as a burden but as part of a professional's ongoing development.

"You wouldn't want to go to a doctor who hasn't stayed up to date on the latest research and innovations," says Nick Winkelman, director of training systems and education for EXOS. "The same is true for personal trainers, perhaps more so."

That's because the amount of research and information is rising exponentially in training and conditioning, an area much younger than the medical field. The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, for instance, recently moved from every-other-month to monthly publication to reflect the trend.

Successful trainers must have superior interpersonal and communication skills. But to remain at the top of a competitive industry, you must stay up to date with scientifically proven best practices.

In 2015, challenge yourself to read a minimum of three journal articles a week that reflect the latest research and trends. Or participate in one of the EXOS Presents online educational offerings. Or enroll in the comprehensive EXOS Performance Specialist Certification, which contains more than 24 hours of content divided into 22 presentations that are categorized into 19 different courses. Each presentation emphasizes a theoretical framework, a program design framework, and best practices around coaching.

"With the EXOS Performance Specialist Certification, we've synthesized all of this material into a cohesive system," Winkelman says. "When you read research and blogs, the information tends to be in buckets. Here we give you these integrated resources and that will separate you in an increasingly competitive field."

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(January 2015)