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The Applied Neuroscience of Peak Performance


While you're helping your athletes build their bodies for performance, are you putting the same effort into optimizing their brain function? If not, you may be missing a critical component to their success, according to Dr. Roy Sugarman, director of applied neuroscience at EXOS. As a neuropsychologist for the past 25 years, Dr. Sugarman has been developing a brain-based approach to peak performance and training athletes to enhance their brain's output and reach new heights in their careers.

The brain and the body are a vital collaboration. Understanding that building brain fitness is impossible without optimizing the body, and vice versa, is the key to improving performance, says Dr. Sugarman. To tap into this underused resource, coaches can take a more athlete-centered approach to training their clients. This creates a relationship that is less about the coach and more about the science of coaching, motivation, and self-determination.

"By training with an athlete-centered approach, athletes not only build trust with their coach that allows them to exceed previous performance limits but also trust in their skills, training, and, most importantly, themselves," says Dr. Sugarman. This leads to a syncing of the mind and the body during training and on game day that allows athletes to overcome their limits and achieve their peak performance.

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(December 2014)