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Three Pillars of Sports Performance Success

By Bill Parisi, founder and CEO, Parisi Speed School

I speak often around the country not only on fitness, but also on the successful principles that drive a great business. It is common for me to be asked, "Bill, what is the secret of The Parisi Speed School's success?" Although I could answer that question in a variety of ways, I always mention what I call the three pillars of success that has made us a well-known brand in youth sports performance.

Most people expect me to start talking about our youth training system, but actually it begins with how we deliver our training. There are a lot of good systems that all of us can get our hands on, but delivering sports performance to children is an art as much as it is a science. Since our niche is working with children between the ages of 7-14, I knew that whatever we did with kids would have to be fun or kids won't keep doing it. So, when we train our new performance coaches, a significant amount of time is spent on educating how to deliver our service to children; how to make it engaging and fun. Connecting with kids and empowering them to give a great effort is the "secret sauce". As you know, not too many kids are self motivated. It is our job to motivate and inspire them. These are skills every performance coach can learn if they have the desire to become great.

Making it engaging and fun certainly excites the young athlete to come back time after time, but that doesn't sell the parent on our training systems. The second pillar is what parents are most concerned about – it has to be safe! I knew from the beginning, nearly 23 years ago, that whatever we did with children would have to be done safely, so another strong emphasis for us in our training is how do deliver sports performance in an age appropriate and safe way. To date we have trained more than 600,0000 young athletes using a very safe methodology. We demand that our coaches follow safety protocols and understand how to apply them to different level athletes. Managing intensity and volume are important aspects when working with young athletes. It is easy to over train a young athlete and not even know it.  Kids are so active today you have to take into consideration not only their sports practice and game commitments, but the time they are spending outside playing games like manhunt, or having fun at the beech. Some kids are still very active outside of sports, so you really have to know your clients and what they are doing outside your building!

Finally, we come to the third pillar of Parisi success – it has to produce results. Sports performance training is not cheap. There's a great deal of research, development and personal coaching that goes into the making of a good or great athlete. Parents are willing to pay for sports performance training, but they also want to know that, at the end of the day, their investment will produce results.

Wherever I go, trainers and coaches will ask, "How did you get so many elite athletes into your program?" Well, to tell you the truth, many have started with us as kids and as they upped their game and achieved new levels of play they kept their Parisi coach. We have helped more than 130 athletes get drafted into the NFL alone. I can give you example after example of our athletes being signed with every professional sport you can think of including UFC fighters and Olympic medalists.

To sum up the Parisi pillars of success:

  • It has to be engaging and fun or kids won't keep doing it!
  • It has to be safe or parents won't let them do it!
  • It has to produce results or no one will pay for it!

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    (August 2014)