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Building Strength and Power with Dan Baker

by Dan Baker, EXOS

With 20 years of extensive research as his foundation, strength and conditioning coach Dan Baker, Ph.D., has created a revolutionary approach to training athletes to be stronger and more powerful. The difference: His approach ensures that they're also able to sustain that career and side-step career-ending injuries.

The more advanced an athlete gets in their career, the more important it is for the trainer to have specific techniques (e.g. assessments, functional isometrics, bands and chains) to induce further increases in strength and power and push boundaries, says Baker. He emphasizes that understanding the basis of strength and power, using them together to improve each other, and building on those gains strategically will provide the best results.

"It's important to understand the hierarchy of strength and power to athletes and the stage of the year when it comes to general preparation, specific preparation, and in-season periods for sports," says Baker.

Enhance your coaching skills, stay up-to-date on the latest training trends, and learn more about Baker's strategies for building strength and power by joining us for EXOS Presents Dan Baker – Advanced Strength & Power, available online now. This course will include:

• System and tips for choosing and setting up bands and chains for strength, power, and size training
• Research-based strategies for optimizing the use of complex/contrast training, clusters, functional isometrics, and power assessment
• Research-based methods for determining optimal volume and intensity for increasing power output throughout the year

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(July 2014)