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EXOS Mentorships: Take Your Coaching Skills to the Next Level

By Dan Zieky, Business Development Director of Education, EXOS

One of the best ways to improve your skills, confidence, and success is by learning from others in your field. EXOS is committed to providing world-class mentorship experiences, sharing our proven systems and philosophy, and connecting you with others in the industry. These opportunities provide an experience that takes into account more than 15 years of research and science combined with world-class coaching on EXOS' training systems.

At each mentorship, you'll get an inside look at our training systems, including the philosophy of our four pillars of human performance — Mindset, Nutrition, Movement, and Recovery.

Our newest mentorship will take place in Germany at the training facility for Borussia Dortmund, a team with many players EXOS works with as part of the German men's national soccer team, which we've supported since 2005. In addition to our mentorships in Germany, the EXOS team travels to dozens of countries, including England, Australia, Brazil, Spain, Ireland, Argentina, Norway, and, available soon, Switzerland, France, and Belgium.

For more on our newest mentorship in Germany and other upcoming international opportunities, visit our education website. You can also swing by the EXOS booth at the Perform Better Summits in Providence, R.I., and Chicago, Ill., to learn more about our domestic courses.

EXOS will also be doing a variety of presentations in Providence and Chicago. Topics and hands-on experiences include "Every Day Is Game Day," "Run With Your Arms Overhead: An Unconventional Approach to Teach Performance," "Stop Shouting! I Can't Hear My Motivation Talking," and "Pelvic Floor: Anatomy, Function, and Dysfunction in Athletic Populations" presented by Denis Logan, Nick Winkelman, and Sheri Walters. For times and locations, visit the Seminar section on