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Just These 3 Things For Your Back!! That’s It..

By Ryan Krane, MS, CPT, PES, CES

One of the questions I frequently get asked is, "Hey Ryan, what can I do to make my back feel better?" This is a very common question that all of my clients have asked me...They all want relief from their pain, stiffness, & discomfort because they are sick and tired of suffering from back pain...Can you relate to this??

Today I've totally got you covered and will be teaching you 3 amazing exercises to get your back in tip-top shape. You only have to do these 3 stretches:

Hip Flexors

Your hip flexors are located just above your thighs


This is one of my all-time favorite stretches.


For this exercise you will need a stretch band.

Not sure how to do them? Then just watch this video – all the instructions are there for you!! Go and perform these 3 stretches right now and post your comments below the video with your results.

Again, you only have 3 things to do...You can totally do that!!

Until we meet again go out there every single day and exercise safely and always listen to your body!

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