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Are You Doing Your Abdominal Training Wrong? by Mike Boyle
You need to teach athletes to use their transverse abdominus to "draw in" their abs. The transverse abdominus had been previously regarded as a little used, deep abdominal muscle.

Glute Activation: Optimizing the Function of the Posterior Power Center by Fraser Quelch
One of the hottest topics of discussion in the fitness industry recently has been centered on how to optimize glute function. As we begin to recognize the massive roll that this muscle group plays in most movement, it is no wonder that it is one of the largest muscle groups in the human body.

Impact of Sit-Ups on the Entire Body by Ryan Krane
The largest myth in the fitness world is that sit-ups are the best exercise to strengthen your core. Many individuals believe that sit-ups are an affective exercise because they isolate the rectus abdominus or six-pack muscles. For individuals with insufficient core strength a sit-up would not be a desirable exercise.

ON-GROUND Function: Learning to Function...on the Ground by Lenny Parracino
As we are aware we must crawl before we run! But what happens when we are walking, running, squatting, etc. and can't crawl? As babies we first developed core stability through on-ground movements and patterns (crawling, scooting, pulling ourselves up) which eventually translated to upright stability.

Rotational Basketball Movements with the CrossCore180 by Steve Hess & Chris Camacho
Having been big fans of suspended bodyweight training for years, the authors have seen the many benefits it has brought to the sports performance and fitness arenas. That's why when they first saw the CrossCore 180®, they were intrigued.

Sandbag Training Exercises with Large Sandbags
Sandbag training weights are versatile and portable. The instability of sandbags make them great for full-body, functional training – they build both strength and endurance.

Sandbag Training Exercises with Small Sandbags
Sandbags can be used to add resistance to any bodyweight exercise. This article shows training exercises with smaller sandbags.

Squatting by Gary Gray
Squatting is one of the most foundational movements in all of function. We squat when we walk, when we lift, when we throw, when we swing, when we dance, when we work, when we play. When we look at squatting we realize it is a Chain Reaction®.