Bodyweight Training Zone!

Bodyweight Training Zone!

Bodyweight Training Zone

Bodyweight training exercises are a great way to economically and efficiently train to Perform Better! The majority of bodyweight exercises do not need free weights – your own body weight provides the necessary resistance. Well known bodyweight exercises are the push-up, the pull-up, and the sit-up. Weights may be used to increase the difficulty of most bodyweight exercises.

Compared to weight lifting, bodyweight training typically requires more flexibility and balance, and it can effectively strengthen core muscles with the addition of speed or unstable surfaces. Additionally, bodyweight exercises are usually less likely to cause injury compared to weight lifting.

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Ask the Expert: Martin Rooney

Martin Rooney"Your body is the most important piece of equipment you own. Bodyweight training, therefore, is considered the first step in my training programs. In order to enhance the results of bodyweight work, I am a big fan of equipment like sandbags, rings, weight vests and suspension trainers. Not only are these pieces versatile and fun, but I am able to get results for my athletes practically anywhere."

Martin Rooney, MHS, PT, CSCS, NASM – Founder, Training for Warriors

Ask the Expert: Rachel Cosgrove

In this video, Rachel Cosgrove (co-owner of Results Fitness) talks about the importance of bodyweight training as part of a well-rounded fitness routine. She explains that bodyweight training is a good way to begin a fitness program because, before lifting loads, clients should be able to lift their own bodyweight with good form.


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Team Resistance Band TrainingCheck out Perform Better's Learn-by-doing Functional Training Seminars, designed for everyone who trains or rehabs clients, patients or athletes. Perform Better Seminars include the latest bodyweight training information and exercises.