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Sandbag Training Exercises with Large Sandbags

Sandbag training weights are versatile and portable. The instability of sandbags make them great for full-body, functional training - they build both strength and endurance. The below sandbag training exercises are done with large sandbag weights like the Ultimate Sandbag.

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Sandbag Running Drills

Works: Speed, footwork and power

Key Points: Perform sandbag running exercises at maximal running speed. Vary bag carrying positions for skipping and ladder drills to continuously challenqe balance and stability.

Ladder Runs   Partner Knee Kicks

Ladder Runs


Partner Knee Kicks

Running Knee Kicks   Shoulder Carry Skip

Running Knee Kicks


Shoulder Carry Skip

Sandbag Bench Presses

Works: Chest and arms

Key Points: Sandbag bench presses using a close grip involve more shoulder stabilizing muscles. For extra power development, develop into a throw at the end of the movement (use a catching partner or catch the sandbag yourself).

Wide Grip Sandbag Bench Press 1   Wide Grip Sandbag Bench Press 2

Wide Grip Sandbag Bench Press

Close Grip Sandbag Bench Press 1   Close Grip Sandbag Bench Press 2

Close Grip Sandbag Bench Press

Sandbag Press Ups

Works: Chest, arms, stabilizing muscles

Key Points: Use different sandbag positions to challenge the recruitment of different muscle groups.

Lateral Press Up 1   Lateral Press Up 2

Sandbag Lateral Press Up

Two Bag Linear Power Press Up 1   Two Bag Linear Power Press Up 2

Two Bag Linear Power Press Up

Sandbag Rows

Bent-over Row Works: Arms, back and core
Upright Row Works: Arms, shoulders and trapezius

Key Points: Ensure good set at beginning of each sandbag row.

Bent-over Row 1   Bent-over Row 2

Bent-over Sandbag Row

Upright Row 1   Upright Row 2

Upright Sandbag Row

Plyometric Sandbag Exercises

Works: Explosive power and jumping ability

Key Points: You should have short ground contact. Keep the sandbag stable and your trunk strong. All movements should be from the hips, knees and ankles.

Half Crouch Jump 1   Half Crouch Jump 2

Sandbag Half Crouch Jump

Forward and Backward Jump 1   Forward and Backward Jump 2

Sandbag Forward and Backward Jump

Sandbag Core Strength Exercises

Works: Abdominals, hip flexors and arms

Key Points:
The Crunch Throw should have controlled lowering and explosive sit up throws.
The Crunch to Shins should have a slow, controlled movement, squeezing the abdominals as the sandbag is placed on the shins. Return your body to the ground, leaving the bag on the shins, and sit up to retrieve the sandbag.

Crunch Throw 1   Crunch Throw 2

Sandbag Crunch Throw

Crunch to Shins 1   Crunch to Shins 2

Sandbag Crunch to Shins

Sandbag Throws

Works: Explosive power and rotational power

Key Points:
The Standing Overhead Throw should have full drive extension of the hip, knees and ankles to get maximum speed on the bag.
With the Kneeling Lateral Throw, set a strong core and rotate the sandbag across your body with speed. Focus on trunk rotation with arm action.

Standing Overhead Throw 1   Standing Overhead Throw 2

Sandbag Standing Overhead Throw

Kneeling Lateral Throw 1   Kneeling Lateral Throw 2

Sandbag Kneeling Lateral Throw

Sandbag Squats

Works: Legs, core, gluteals

Key Points: Set core before starting the movement. With weight on your heels, bend at ankles, knees and hips.

Back Squat 1   Back Squat 2

Sandbag Back Squat

Overhead Squat 1   Overhead Squat 2

Sandbag Overhead Squat

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