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Sandbag Training Exercises with Small Sandbags

Sandbags can be used to add resistance to any bodyweight exercise. Below are some suggestions for training with smaller sandbags such as First Place Sandbag Pods, First Place Sandbag Rolls, and lower weight Sandbells and Steelbells.

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Sandbag Lunge

Place the sandbag on your shoulders. Lunge forward and return to the start position. Try sandbag lunges laterally, to the rear, or as crossovers.


Sandbag Push-Ups

Place the sandbag between your shoulder blades and perform push-ups.


Good Morning

Begin with the sandbag on the shoulders. Bend at the waist and slightly at the knees until the back is parallel to the floor. Return to the start position.

Good Morning

Sandbag Staggered Chop

Start with the sandbag on one shoulder. Rotate that shoulder towards the opposite knee. Return to start position and repeat. Move the sandbag to other shoulder and repeat.

Staggered Chop

Step Up

With sandbag on the shoulders, step up onto a plyometric box or fitness step and return. Repeat with opposite leg. Also try stepping up laterally.

Step Up

Sandbag Split Squat

Start in a staggered stance with the sandbag on your shoulders. Squat until the knee touches the ground and return. Repeat to other side.

Split Squat

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