Flexibility & Stretching Zone!

3 Easy Exercises Using Your Feet

by Ryan Krane, MS, CPT, PES, CES

People ask me all the time, "Ryan, how do I perform that exercise? Can you remind me?" Well today, you are in luck as I am going to show you three awesome things to do to help your FEET. Are you excited? I am... We are going to cover three awesome exercises that are really easy to do and can be performed with a limited amount of equipment. Who's ready to jump in? Here they are in sequential order as seen in the video below.

1. The IT Band

This is the outside part of the leg and is tight in 90% of my clients. If anyone is not tight in this area I want to hear from you.

2. The Bottom Part of the Foot

As you know we are on our feet all day and nobody every stretches their feet. This is one of my favorites!

3. The Calf & Foot/Ankle

This is my all-time favorite exercise and helps the entire body! One of my clients told me "This exercise even helps my low back pain"!

And there you have it! By following these three easy exercises your feet will be happy and you will lower your chances of experiencing an injury. I urge you to refer back to this video regularly to make sure your technique is solid! Until then, exercise safely and always listen to your body!

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