Balance & Stabilization Training Zone!

Balance Beam Exercises

Balance beams are great tools for working on static and/or dynamic balance and stabilization. All balance beam exercises can be performed with the wide side down or, for greater instability, facing up. To ensure safety, use balance beams on a non-slip surface.

The below exercises are demonstrated using the Airex Balance Beam, but they can be performed on other balance beams as well.

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Lunge On or Off

• Stand with both feed either on or off the balance beam.
• Lunge forward, onto or off the beam.
• Stabilize and return to the upright or starting position.
• Try these laterally, to the rear, or as crossovers.

Lunge On or Off 1 Lung On or Off 2

Single Leg Excursion Test

• Stand with one foot on the balance beam.
• Extend your free leg in front of your torso as far out as possible.
• Hold for 10 seconds.
• Repeat with free leg to the side and rear.
• The Single Leg Excursion Test can be done in sets and reps or administered as a test to assess rehabilitation progress.

Single Leg Excursion Test 1Single Leg Excursion Test 2Single Leg Excursion Test 3

Single Leg Squat

• Stand with one foot on the balance beam.
• Squat to a below parallel position while extending the arms forward.
• Return to upright position.
• Repeat to both sides.
• Try holding dumbbells or a medicine ball to counter balance the squatting movement.

Single Leg Squat

Iso Abs

• Support your body weight with one arm on the beam, positioning yourself so that your side faces the floor and feet are stacked.
• Hold for 10 seconds.
• Rest and repeat to opposite side.
• After mastering this exercise, try performing it with your feet stacked on the balance beam.

Iso Abs 1 Iso Abs 2


• Begin in a push up position with both hands on the beam.
• Move one hand over the other along the beam in a crawling motion.
• Reverse the movement and crawl in the opposite direction.
• Keep the feet in place or move them as you crawl.

Crawls 1 Crawls 2


• Perform push-ups with both hands on the balance beam.
• Also try T Stabilization Push Ups – Start by performing a standard push up with one foot and one hand on the beam and the others on the floor. Finish the exercise by balancing on the hand on the balance beam, raising up in the air, and stacking the feet.

Push-Ups 1 Push-Ups 2