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Inside EXOS' NFL Combine Prep Program

By Nick Winkelman, Director of Movement at EXOS

As the foundation of our NFL Combine preparation, we've designed our eight-week program to prepare athletes for the physical demands of the Combine and the mental and professional requirements of life in the NFL. EXOS (formerly Athletes' Performance) uses a systems-based approach to Mindset, Nutrition, Movement, and Recovery, while also emphasizing the Combine-specific tests to help them excel on the big day. The three main areas of focus are health, body composition, and movement efficiency.

We first check to ensure that all athletes are healthy, and we work with physical therapists and medical consultants to ensure athletes are at their best. Next, we'll take a look at their body weight and body composition related to their position, since an overweight or underweight athlete is at risk of injury. Once ready to train, our main goal is to create highly explosive athletes that move efficiently. Each athlete engages in strength and power development to help improve their speed and performance on the field. This combination of preparation and physical training, plus our emphasis on Combine-specific testing and mental preparedness, puts our athletes in the best position to shine both at the Combine and in the NFL.

Our new online education series, EXOS Presents, provides an inside look at the systems we use to train the world's top athletes, including NFL hopefuls and veterans. For the first installment, EXOS Presents – The 0.10 Second Difference, we'll focus on the science and application of elite linear speed development and EXOS' time-tested drills and methodology to help athletes run a faster, stronger 40-yard dash. Whether you're a coach working with NFL-bound athletes or you're working to help athletes in any sport get faster, this education module will provide you with the tools you need to train better, faster players.

The 60-minute online session includes:

• Educational information, tips, and secrets from EXOS specialists
• 50+ drills and progressions to improve 40-yard dash times
• Tips for developing starts, accelerations, and absolute speed
• Strategies for teaching linear speed development, error correction, coaching, and mindset

This session will be available in late March, 2014. To stay updated on EXOS Presents and other educational opportunities, sign up for our education newsletter.