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Every Day Is Game Day

Mark Verstegen
By Mark Verstegen, founder of EXOS (formerly Athletes' Performance)

On behalf of our team, I'm excited to kick off this new monthly column, where we plan to share news about our brand, mentorship courses, and educational content. Over the years, our team has had the honor of presenting at Perform Better summits, contributing to catalogues, and teaming up with Perform Better at our mentorship programs. So we're thrilled about this new opportunity to connect with the Perform Better community.

We know that many of you are business owners, strength coaches, and personal trainers, so we plan to use this column to talk about our methodology (how we help people prepare, fuel, train, and rest) and also share our perspective on the power of branding. We recently unified our Athletes' Performance and Core Performance communities, strengthening our proposition as one brand, EXOS. EXOS embodies everything we stand for as a brand. It speaks to the future we're shaping, one where higher achievement and proactive protection go hand in hand. We have a responsibility to those we work with, which is why EXOS can be broken down into Xs and Os, like the customized game plans we deliver for each person.

For those of you who aren't familiar with our brand, here's a quick intro: In 1999, we set out to maximize the potential of athletes, providing an integrated system to help them achieve most every accolade in sports. Our success with athletes led to the next phase of our evolution: activating our programs worldwide, starting with the military and Special Forces, and delivering health and performance game plans to people at innovative companies. Today, we're progressing the intelligence behind human performance wherever necessary. This month, we'll be launching a new website ( and new social media channels for EXOS, where we hope you'll join us in our quest to help people achieve higher levels of success.

I'm also excited to tell you about our latest book, Every Day Is Game Day. This book is meant for what we call our founding audience: the elite performers and those who strive to be elite performers. Every Day Is Game Day shows how to raise the bar in every aspect of your life to achieve and sustain high performance, by revolutionizing, revitalizing, and relentlessly honing your mindset, nutrition, movement, and recovery to become the person you most want to be. Far more than a diet-and-exercise book, Every Day Is Game Day is an integrated lifestyle system that will enable you to establish daily rituals to fuel your success – all day, every day. The book is available in the Perform Better store.