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Core Conversion: 3D-Matrix Performance System

Core Conversion: 3D-Matrix Performance System
By: Doug Gray, FAFS

There is nothing new under the sun... certainly core training is one of those “nothings.” Core training has been a point of emphasis – a central focus – in the world of movement for quite some time. There is a reason for this: the core has everything to do with everything we do. Traditionally, the core has been known as the abdominals. This is true, but is only part of the whole. The body’s true core is everything from the nose to the toes (which explains why the middle - the abdominals - has been the main focus). If there is more to the core than the abdominals, then that raises the question: What is the best way to functionally train the true core?

The Core Conversion is one of the greatest total body workouts, as well as one of the best workouts for one’s core. Why? Two primary reasons: (1) it involves authentic drivers that elicit many Chain Reactions® throughout the body to better serve the entire core and (2) it is a workout that can be tweaked in a variety of ways to better serve a variety of purposes. Therefore, the Core Conversion is by no means the “be all and end all” of workouts, but is a workout that serves as a perfect foundation to the wide array of ages, abilities, and goals of any individual... as long as it is tweaked properly for the individual!

(Core – Flexibility) Basic - Advanced

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