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The 5 Secrets to Fitness Studio Success


Secret #1: Building Empowered Teams

When you started your studio, it is likely that you did just about everything in your business. As you become more successful you’re going to run out of time and energy to do it all. You should focus on using your unique abilities and build a team to do the rest.

Off-load non-revenue generating activities first and spend your extra time growing the business.

Building a team requires more than just hiring people. It requires you to bring on the right people, hold true to your core values and empower your team to do their jobs well. Providing your team, the resources, training and support they need will ensure they do a great job for you. It reduces the common frustrations of hiring the wrong people and hoping they figure it out on their own.

Secret #2: Leverage Technology

Technology is moving quickly. You need to leverage it to help you move faster. Technology can help you create efficiency in your business. From automating processes to managing data, there are tools to make your job easier if you’re willing to learn how to use them.

The best of the best are using technology to compile data and information about their clients into one place so they can make decisions and help them get better results.


Secret #3: Create a Great Experience

Customer experience and service are becoming important buying criteria for your clients. They also help you retain clients longer and get them to buy more. If you want to create an experience, you need to control it. Start by establishing key customer service policies, setting standards, and investing in customer service team members.


Secret #4: Constant Learning

The biggest difference in high performers and everyone else is their desire to acquire knowledge. Every business problem has been solved before. Many of your biggest challenges can be solved by connecting with a great mentor or peer group. Leveraging their experience will accelerate your growth. This is why you see the highest performers investing in themselves and their development by attending events, conferences, participating in coaching programs and by joining masterminds. Trying to figure it all out on your own will hold you back and create frustration.


The Real Secret...

The biggest secret of successful studio owners is their ability to implement quickly, monitor the feedback they get and then optimize for better, faster results. Now that these secrets have been revealed to you it’s time to act on them. Pick the one that will make the biggest impact on your business and apply it today. Learn that skill and you’ll be well on your way to having a highly successful studio.



About the Author

Ryan Ketchum, executive director and co-owner of Fitness Revolution, helps frustrated fitness business owners create breakthroughs in their business with strategic planning and innovative marketing techniques. Whether coaching fitness professionals through business challenges or creating content to help them improve their marketing, the Fitness Revolution team is dedicated to helping fitness professionals turn their passion into profits by helping them build high-performing businesses. Check out Fitness Revolution’s free resources at Ryan is also an expert contributor to PFP, a trusted resource dedicated to helping fitness professionals prosper for nearly 20 years and a community expert for the Association of Fitness Studios.