Flexibility & Stretching Zone!

Foam Roller Instructional Video

A few of the key components to any exercise program are flexibility, mobility and recovery. Without a combination of these three vital components, any program is not complete.

This video shows basic uses of foam rollers which will help you improve flexibility, mobility and recovery as well as strength. PB Elite Molded Foam Rollers are utilized in the exercise demonstrations.

Exercises covered include the following.

Flexibility/Strength Exercises with Round Foam Rollers

• Thoracic Spine
• Piriformis & Glutes
• Lats & Teres Major/Minor
• Glutes
• Hamstrings
• Gastroc & Soleus
• Quadriceps
• Hip Flexors
• Adductors
• Anterior Tibialis & Peroneals
• Hip Extension

Balance/Stabilization Exercises with Half-Round Foam Rollers

• 2-Point Balance
• Lunges
• 1-Leg Squat
• Wood Chops with Medicine Ball