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The Chop and Lift Article Series

by Gray Cook

In my book, Athletic Body and Balance, I introduced an exercise that I did not invent. However, I have not seen a large amount of publication on proper use of the chop and lift for strengthening in swinging or rotation-based sports. Chopping and lifting can be used as corrective exercise or generalized strengthening. Many use the chop and lift as a complete upper body program while others use it to complement the big pushing and pulling lifts. The moves are often hard to classify because they incorporate pushing and pulling. There is much more going on in a chop or lift than pushing and pulling though.

Chopping and lifting is based on PNF patterns that are spiral and diagonal. When two hands are involved together in the same direction crossing the mid-line of the body in a downward or upward movement, it is called a chop or lift. Whereas independent hand exercise is simply called D1 or D2 patterning and then the direction of movement is named by flexion or extension. These are advanced movements based on patterns used in the physical therapy profession. This can all be referenced in any basic PNF text book.

• Part 1 - Introduction to the Chop and Lift

• Part 2 - Introduction Continued

• Part 3 - The Chop and Lift...Anywhere (Using Resistance Tubing)

• Part 4 - The Chop...for Power (Using Medicine Balls)

• Part 5 - The Chop and Lift for Golf Conditioning