Kettlebell Training Zone!

Kettlebell Exercises – Online Videos

With Jason C. Brown, CSCS, KBA (Co-creator of Kettlebell Athletics Certification for Fitness Professionals)

These videos are great introductions to kettlebell exercises and kettle bell training.

Introduction to Kettlebells - Includes information on choosing the right kettlebell weight and size.

Kettlebell Swing Exercise  - Teaches you how to master the kettle bell swing exercise.

Kettlebell Snatch - Shows you the basic fundamentals of mastering the kettlebell snatch exercise.

Vertical Kettlebell Snatch - A variation of the snatch for explosiveness and power.

Kettlebell Turkish Getup #1 - Step-by-step progressions to learn this powerful kettle bell exercise.

Kettlebell Turkish Getup #2 - A variation of the Turkish Getup exercise.

Kettlebell Versatility - Explains why the kettlebell is such a versatile tool.

Kettlbell Overhead Presses - Teaches you a few variations of doing an overhead press with a kettle bell.

First Place Competition Kettlebells