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The Top 8 Reasons Why You Should Train with Kettlebells
Explains why kettlebell training is important in athletic development and fitness training as well as some of the distinct advantages that kettlebell training  has over other training tools within the fitness professional and conditioning coaches' toolbox.

Kettlebell Training 101
A great introduction to kettlebells! Teaches weight selection, the kettlebell swing, the kettlebell snatch, and the "Turkish Getup." Includes five companion videos.

Kettlebells and Lower Cross Syndrome
A key challenge to anyone treating low back pain is how to correct this dysfunctional pattern. The kettlebell swing exercise not only gets you in shape; it also has a corrective effect on one of the most common dysfunctional lifestyle patterns of the western world!

Kettlebell Training for Power Endurance
Training for power-endurance can be absolutely grueling; however, the athlete that possesses the greatest amount of power-endurance usually goes home the winner.

Master Your Craft: Introduction to the "Turkish Get Up"
One of the best exercises that integrates mobility, stability, symmetry (left, right, front, back), coordination, balance and yes, beautiful strength, is the "Turkish Get Up" or "TGU", using the Russian Kettlebell.

First Place Kettlebells