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Agility Training For Athletic Performance by John F. Graham
Most athletic activities that utilize agility occur in less than 10 seconds and involve the ability to coordinate a few or several sport specific tasks simultaneously (like catching a football and then making a series of evasive moves and cuts to avoid being tackled in order to advance the ball further down the field). With the exception of skills specific to the sport, agility can be the primary determining factor to predict success in a sport.

Basketball Speed by Lee Taft
Isn't it just so obvious when you see a player that just blows by a defender that there is no mistaking speed and quickness? But, the focus may be on the wrong end of speed. Now, don’t get me wrong. First step speed and acceleration is king in the sport of basketball. The issue is; basketball isn’t just a linear sport by any means. There are stops and starts, lateral and angular cuts and deceleration, basketball require players to have great multi-directional speed.

Center of Gravity Management – The Secret to Great Game Speed by Bill Parisi
Deceleration is an important motor skill that influences an athlete's overall performance and is the foundation of great Game Speed. The first area to understand when coaching Game Speed is the concept of "Center of Gravity Management".

Coordination & Movement Skill Development – The Key to Long-Term Athletic Success by Brian Grasso
Brian provides extensive information on how to develop motor skills, coordination and balance in pre-adolescent and early adolescent athletes. Developing basic coordination through movement stimulus is a must, with the eventual goal of developing sport-specific coordination in the teenage years.

Defensive Back Speed Q & A by Duane Carlisle
What better way to find out about the type of speed a defensive back must possess than to ask one? So, I went to our starting right cornerback Shawntae Spencer and asked him a few questions about the subject at hand.

The Evolution of Athlete Performance Training by Bill Parisi
The training of the "athlete" today is surrounded by fallacies and myths that are not the best ways to enhance performance. My goal in this article is to layout the foundational truths of what it takes to become a faster athlete.

EXOS Speed, Agility & Acceleration Series

by Nick Winkelman

3 Steps to Coach for Absolute Speed
Absolute speed, which represents the running technique needed to sustain a constant speed over a given distance, is one of the most fundamental movement skills needed for sport and life.

How to Use The Tec Model to Optimize Change of Direction
While linear speed represents the most efficient way to move from one point to the next, rarely are we afforded this opportunity in sport. Rather, sport is dominated by sudden changes in direction, which allow offensive players to evade and defensive players to close.

How To Use the Tec Model to Train for Acceleration
Acceleration is one of the most important movement skills. Athletes need the ability to change gears.

Shuffle 3-Step Training Technique
Within sport there are times when movement strategies need to be adopted to help an athlete track a play that hasn't fully developed, and doesn't require a committed movement (e.g., sprint) in one direction. There also are times when defensive tactics require an athlete to quickly mirror an opponent over short distances, such as when a point guard defends an opponent on the 3-point line. In both cases, a shuffle is often the best movement choice

Improve Your Base Stealing by Lee Taft
Lee Taft finds that most trainers and coaches want to get right into the pure sprint mechanics or drills of speed. They completely miss the important factors of reaction speed, starting speed, and acceleration speed.

Improving Lateral Speed and Agility by Michael Boyle
World-renowned coach Mike Boyle describes a lateral agility training progression.

Increased Stride Frequency Can Enhance Game Speed by Bill Parisi
Most athletes and coaches do not realize that linear speed on the track plays a significant role in improving overall gamespeed.

Is It Time to Rethink Power Development? by Bill Parisi
The goal of any athlete is to maximize their force production in the shortest amount of time. How high someone can jump is directly determined by how fast they can apply force into the ground. The same holds true for acceleration. It is all about the ability to put force quickly into the ground in the opposite direction you wish to move.

Maximize Your Acceleration to Increase Your 40-Yard Dash by Bill Parisi
Acceleration is the most important aspect of improving your 40-yard dash time. An athlete's ability to accelerate is determined by their “pushing ability,” or more specifically their technical ability to apply backward force into the ground.

Maximizing Your Athletes' Acceleration by Bill Parisi
Acceleration is defined in physics as the rate of change of velocity over time, and is an attribute many athletes haven't fully grasped.

The Power of the Pull-Up for Increasing Game Speed by Bill Parisi
The ultimate goal of any strength-training program is to reduce the chance of injury and enhance performance. The pull-up provides both of these benefits in a big way.

Program Design to Maximize Game Speed by Bill Parisi
Speed is a universal requirement to be successful in sport. Bill Parisi defines the combination of biomotor physical attributes, and sport technique as “GameSpeed”.

So: You Think You Can Dance...? Applying ABC Ladder Footwork Skills to Create Better Athletes by Steve Myrland
Developing functional athletic footwork is a lot like learning to dance. The mistake made in employing the ABC Agility Ladder for footwork training is limiting use to learning and repeating different footwork patterns without adding the music.

Speed Training Tips by Vern Gambetta
The key to improving speed is a systematic and progressive approach to speed development. Vern Gambetta provides a number of practical tips that will make your speed development program more effective.

Using a Weighted Sled for Acceleration Improvement by Mike Boyle
Numerous studies have discredited the weighted sled as a tool for speed development citing the sleds limited effect on top speed. This not apply to acceleration and may have led us to undervalue a potentially valuable piece of equipment.