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Kettlebells are great functional training tools. Kettlebell training is about muscle integration, not muscle isolation. The quality of our First Place Kettlebell line is unmatched. For extra safety and floor protection, check out our vinyl coated kettlebells and MedBells. First Place Kettlebell Bottoms increase the weight of First Place Kettlebells or Vinyl Coated Kettlebells by 2 kg. (they screw into the bottom).

What size/weight do you need? View the Kettlebell Weight Selection Suggestions below to find out.

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Kettlebell Weight Selection Suggestions

from Jason C. Brown –

When it comes to selecting a kettlebell weight to begin with, there are no hard and fast rules. It comes down to the individual.

In general, it is suggested that women start with an 8, 10, or 12 kg. kettlebell (17.6 lbs., 22 lbs. or 26.4 lbs.). For most men, it is suggested to start with a 16 kg. (35.2 lb.) to 20 kg. (44 lb.) kettlebell.

There are training scenarios where training with a slightly heavier kettlebell can be beneficial. For example, it may be easier to learn the kettlebell clean exercise if you're using a kettlebell that is slightly heavier than you're accustomed to, especially if you're having trouble "taming the arc" with a lot of impact on your wrist. So, if you're a woman who typically trains with an 8 kg. kettlebell, try a 10 kg. or 12 kg. kettlebell.

If you're an athletic 200 lb. male, a 16 kg. might be too light for you, particularly when doing exercises like the kettlebell clean. Don't necessarily be afraid to try a 20 kg. or 24 kg. kettlebell to try out certain exercises.

To learn more, watch the Kettlebell Weight Selection Video.

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