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Medicine Balls – Great Medicine Ball Variety

Nobody beats our medicine ball selection! We carry quality bouncing medicine balls, non-bouncing balls, medicine balls with handles or ropes, and water-filled medballs.

Bouncing Medicine Balls (For wall exercises and more):
First Place Elite Medicine Balls (high bounce) and PB Extreme Nemo Medicine Balls (medium bounce).

Non-bouncing Medicine Balls (Soft – easy to catch and throw):
PB Extreme Jam Balls, Dynamax Balls, Dynamax Minis, PB Extreme Soft Toss Balls, PB Extreme Soft Toss Minis, Softmed Balls, and Economy Gel Balls.

Medicine Balls with Handles (For throwing or dumbbell/kettlebell type exercises):
Dual Grip Medicine Balls, Power Ball Medicine Balls, and Instant Medicine Ball Handles.

Medicine Balls with Ropes (For swinging and chopping exercises):
PB Extreme Converta-Balls

Water-filled Medicine Balls (For instability training):
Slosh Balls and the Kamagon Ball

Read Introduction to Medicine Balls below.

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Medicine Balls

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Introduction to Medicine Balls

by Michael Boyle

The great thing about Medicine Ball Training is that it's great for any age. It's great for kids, athletes, and older clients. When you look at the array of power development methods like medicine balls, plyometrics and Olympic lifting, medicine ball training is the easiest and most applicable for pretty much everybody.

We like to get our clients in front of a wall and work on the medicine ball overhead throw, side throw, and chest throw. These develop core power, rotational power, and upper body power for any age client at any time. With some of our more athletic clients, we may add in some plyometric exercises and Olympic lifting exercises, but medicine ball training is something we're going to do with everybody.

The big bonus with medicine ball training is that it's fun – pick the right weight and the right ball, and you're pretty much off to the races. You can work with non-bouncing medicine balls like the Dynamax, PB Extreme Jam Balls, and PB Extreme Soft Toss Medicine Balls. These produce bigger concentric force. Bouncing First Place Elite Medicine Balls are great for applicable bounce exercises.

Note: This is a transcription of Mike Boyle's Ask the Expert: Medicine Ball Training video.

Learn more about medicine ball training in the Medicine Ball Training Zone.

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