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The Body-Balance Workout


The Best of Bodyweight Training with the Lebert EQUALIZER™!


By Marc Lebert


Note: For a downloadable PDF version of this workout, click here.


Mastering bodyweight training is a vital training competency. Every summer I get young hockey players who want to bench 215 lbs but can't perform 10 perfect bodyweight pushups! The kind of push-up where you are flat as a table top, your nose touches the ground first and the core is engaged throughout the set. I like the bench press as much as the next person, but for function I would definitely look at a variety of bodyweight options and how they can help the athlete and fitness enthusiast alike.


Bodyweight exercises are functional and translate to better athletic performance by teaching the person to be aware of the body as an entire unit. Plus, they can be done anywhere and require minimal equipment.


Many of the basic compound exercises like the push-up, pullup, dip and squat provide a foundation of strength and neuromuscular control that will benefit the person for years to come. These core exercises need to be well established before too many sport-specific movements are incorporated.


This Lebert EQUALIZER™ workout combines traditional compound strength-training moves in a circuit format for some cardio effect as well. It finishes with a simple but effective agility drill and some EQ stretching. Lots of core too, by virtue of the bodyweight movements—and the "Running Person!"


EQUALIZER™ Training Program


The Equalizer (EQ) is a versatile portable device for challenging bodyweight compound-strength moves, allowing many progressions and regressions for each exercise.


Body-Balance Workout Exercise OrderNo. of minutes per routine
20 minutes with little to no rest between exercises.


No. of days per week to do the routine
Every day, with one rest day; or 3-4 with cardio on "off days."


Routines for off day
Focus on perfecting your form and alignment first. Perform each exercise with body weight first and
then add the prop.


Try doing the moves to music. Not only does it set a rhythm and length for each exercise, but the music you choose can help motivate and push you through the challenge.


Drink 2 glasses of water ½ hour before each meal.
Eat the right plant-based Omega-3's. You need less food than you think, so eat consciously.


You will gradually notice an increase in strength for each exercise, both in number of reps and the ability to perform the exercise slowly and with full range of motion; increased muscle tone; improved cardiovascular conditioning (depending on how quickly you move between the exercises and how hard you do the cardio drills); and flexibility.


After 4 weeks, change it up. There are lots of options with the EQ's!


Our behavior follows our internal images and dialogue, so picture yourself looking amazing and working out like a beast. Make your goals specific. Motivation is not about willpower. Replace that with visuals so strong they inspire you! These new images physically change the structure of our brain and drive new long-term behaviours. Because our actions are based on how we think, we become what we think about most of the time. In short: Fake it till you feel it!


Vertical Rows1,4 – Vertical Rows


Focus is on the lats, rear delts, biceps and hamstrings.


3 SETS | 10 REPS


Place EQ's in a V. Keep the head back, hips up and knees bent. Pull as high as you can. Lower slowly.


Incline Push-ups2 – Incline Push-ups


Focus is on the chest, front delts, triceps and core.


3 SETS | 10 REPS


Place hands on outside curve of the EQ. With hips down, core tight and looking straight ahead, lower slowly, pause and push straight up.


Triceps Dip3 – Triceps Dip


Focus is on the triceps, chest and front delts.


3 SETS | 10 REPS


Place hands on foam grips. With knees bent and hips back, slowly lower until elbows have a 90-degree bend. Pause and push straight up.


Running Person5 – "Running Person"


Focus on shoulders, triceps and core.


3 SETS | 10 REPS


The “Running Person” exercise is an upper-body and core exercise so named because you are slowly bringing one leg up and out, and then the next—it looks like running in the air.


With shoulders down and back, place hands on foam grips and hold your legs off the ground. Slowly bring one leg up and out as if going over a hurdle. Follow with the other leg.




Kneeling Triceps Extension6 – Kneeling Triceps Extension


Focus on triceps and core.


3 SETS | 10 REPS


From kneeling position, place hands just outside foam grip. With hips down (back straight) and core and lats engaged, slowly bend elbows (pointing down) to lower your body. Bring forehead to foam pad, pause and push back up (extend elbows).


Hip Extension7 – Hip Extension


Focus on hamstrings, glutes and back (posterior chain).


3 SETS | 10 REPS


From lying position, place back of shoes on foam grip. Dorsi-flex (flex foot towards shin) and have knees bent. Raise hips as high as you can (up and back) and squeeze glutes at the top of the motion. Lower slowly and repeat.


Single Leg Squats8 – Single Leg Squats


Focus on quads, claves and glutes.


3 SETS | 10 REPS


Hold on to one EQ and place one foot on bar behind you with shoelaces on foam grip. Bend support leg at 90 degrees with knee over ankle. Slowly lower back knee towards ground. Pause and push back.


Cardio Drills9 – Cardio Drills


Focus on legs, core and cardiovascular system.


3 SETS | 10 REPS


With EQ's on ground, lift one foot up and in between one EQ and then the other and then out to the side. Tap the last foot out and head back in the other direction. Keep the arms moving.


Hamstring Stretch10 – Hamstring Stretch


Focus on hamstrings.


3 SETS | 10 REPS


With support leg and hip facing forward, flex shin and quad. With straight back, slowly bend forward from hips.


Glute and Hip Stretch11 – Glute and Hip Stretch


Focus on glutes and hips.


3 SETS | 10 REPS


Place one leg across the EQ with foot and knee on bar. Keep back straight and bend forward from the hips. Relax and breathe.


Front Delt and Hip Flexor Stretch12 – Front Delt and Hip Flexor Stretch


Focus on front delts, chest and hip flexors.


3 SETS | 10 REPS


From lunge position with EQ to the side, extend back leg and rest top of foot on the ground. Roll shoulder forward and down, keeping the elbow soft.


Lat and Core Stretch13 – Lat and Core Stretch


Focus on lats and core.


3 SETS | 10 REPS


From kneeling position, place both hands on EQ and drop down, bending at hips and feeling the stretch under the arms and through the core. Do not drop head too far; keep it between your arms and in alignment.



About the Author


Marc Lebert developed the Lebert EQUALIZER™, BUDDY SYSTEM™ and STRETCH STRAP™. These tools are used in clubs, boot camps, military physical training facilities, schools and home gyms in 30 countries. The owner of Lebert Fitness Inc., he is also a fitness club owner, a Taekwondo Black Belt, an NLP Practitioner and an international presenter. Visit LebertFitness.com.