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Monday, August 3



• Co-Founder of the Functional Movement Screen
• Former Program Director for Athletic Training at Averett University
• Lectures nationally and internationally in the fields of sports medicine and performance enhancement
A New Look at Corrective Strategies

The concept of corrective exercise isn’t a new one. Unfortunately, many of us continue to struggle to achieve and maintain the results we know our clients, athletes and patients need. During this session Lee introduces self-awareness screens, drills and exercises designed to help individuals gauge their own movement ability. With increased awareness clients can provide valuable input on the effectiveness of their corrective strategies and partner with professionals in the creation, modification and ultimate success of their programs.

Event Passed

Tuesday, August 4



• Vice President and Global Director of Michael Johnson Performance
• Over 25 years of professional experience (i.e., making and learning from mistakes) while training, testing, and rehabilitating thousands of athletes across all ages and sports, including many of the fastest athletes to walk the planet in the last 20 years
• Diverse background of "practice" in research, physical therapy, performance training, and strength & conditioning spanning across high school, collegiate, Olympic, and professional sport
Speed Up to Minimize Slowing Down: Applications of Angular Speed Training to Attack the Deceleration Epidemic in Sport

Injuries, getting beat, being exposed as "too slow" in game situations despite having "good speed"...these are all the things that happen when athletes "slow down" (decelerate). Ask yourself if the current methods of deceleration training are making a difference in your athletes. Is your approach to training deceleration open to, or in need of any revisions? Instead of training "the brakes", can we look at speed training progressions to "accelerate" deceleration in our athletes? Bring an open-mind and willingness to think differently about movement training as we journey down some rabbit-holes, ask some hard questions of our current programming, and openly consider some ongoing and unanswered questions about deceleration, and experience some practical applications of Angular Speed Training progressions as one potential tool to use in the fight against "slowing down".

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Wednesday, August 5



• VP Member Services, EXOS
• Former Global Director of Fitness & Performance for Nike
• Former Senior Director of the Equinox Fitness Training Institute.
Fitness Career Transformation: Propelling Yourself from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be

Most fitness professionals get into the industry full of excitement and passion only to see their enthusiasm wane over time. Too often the day-to-day grind of long days, lack of free time and no clear end in sight wear on the fitness professional causing him/her to question their career choice and wonder, “what’s next?”. In this interactive session, as Geralyn shares the proven strategies and tools to identify what drives you, find your unique “element” and move towards the career of your dreams!

Event Passed

Thursday, August 6



• Founder of IoM and ViPR PRO
• Co-Founder of PTA Global
• Past Adjunct Faculty (Sport Science) - University of San Francisco
Dead Starts for Strength and Power

Generating force from a dead position is a fundamental task of life and sport. Those that do it with competency have tremendous physical advantage over those who do not. It results in an increase in Starting Strength, and all of us, must possess it. Many do not. In this interactive session, Michol will explore the vital function of lifting and shifting mass from a dead position, both for strength and power. An ability we all need whether an elite athlete or elderly individual. Sadly, we don’t train it enough.

Event Passed

Friday, August 7



• Co-owner and founder of Skill of Strength
• Course instructor for Functional Movement Systems
• Strongfirst Senior Instructor
Everyone Should Squat

The squat is a fundamental human movement pattern that also happens to be a wildly popular strength training exercise. Unfortunately, the squat pattern is often misunderstood, misapplied and taught without attention to detail. Join Mike as he discusses why each individual's squat pattern will differ and how hip architecture, anthropometry, movement competency and injury history all influence the movement pattern.The hands-on section will include a step-by-step approach on how to evaluate, introduce, teach and successfully integrate the squat to your clients, patients and athletes.

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