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Monday, July 13



• Founder of the Functional Movement Screen
• Author of Athletic Body in Balance and Movement
• Pushes professionals and enthusiasts to creatively re-think movement behavior
Defining Movement

The way that we talk about movement can change the way we look at movement. Gray Cook takes a deeper look at the language we all use and explores where that view leads astray us and where a new outlook can help us as we try to protect, correct and develop movement. It becomes a question of strategy vs. tactics or strategy and tactics. Why do we move? And why should that matter so much? His hands on will take a new look at adjusting movement quality and load quantity. Join Gray to see how Functional Movement Systems developed these moves and learn how to use them before, during and after your workouts.

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Tuesday, July 14



• Breathing, Mobility & Mind/Body Coach for many professional sports teams as well as law enforcement, military special forces, first responders, and veterans
• Best-selling Author of the Book “Practical Solutions for Back Pain Relief” (Althea Press 2018) and dozens of published articles)
• Creator of the YIT (Yoga-Inspired Training) Method for Athletes Coaching Certification
Prioritizing Mindset, Movement and Recovery to Address Current Conditions

After months dealing with the fallout of the pandemic, the mental and physical stress has taken a profound toll that needs to be addressed. Not only are many people de-conditioned due to lack of gym access, economic and social instability have caused sky-rocketing anxiety. The isolation and inability to train have also led to loss of positive motivation, confidence and even sense of identity—especially for athletes dealing with the abrupt cancellation of their seasons. As coaches and trainers, we have the unique opportunity to address those issues within our programs. During this session, Dana will share strategies to actively help our clients (and ourselves) become mentally stronger, increase durability and release stress to ensure a safe and effective return to training…and life.

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Wednesday, July 15



• Internationally known expert on weightlifting and athletic development
• Author of Complete Olympic Lifting Handbook
• Creator of NSPA's Certified Weightlifting Performance Coach Course
The Truth About Velocity Based Training; Decoding the Jargon to Make Powerful Athletes

Velocity Based Training (VBT) is a big buzzword in training. This technology has never been easier to use and can be extremely useful to help your athletes and clients get even improved results. First you must know what to do with the data you gather. In this talk I'll show you how to see through the jargon to find what's useful, and in the hands on I'll go beyond the barbell to show you the most valuable movements to create powerful athletes.

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Thursday, July 16



• 42 years coaching experience in strength and conditioning
• Senior Lecturer, St. Mary’s University, Twickenham University
• Fullbright Scholar and All-American Discus Thrower

Using the tools of the strength and conditioning world, this workshop explores the realities of resilience, the ability to come back after falling, failing and flailing. We discuss the roles of prevention, rehab, and performance in "bouncing back" from life's challenges.

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Friday, July 17



• International Presenter & Founder of FitBiz Mastery
• Founder and Franchiser of Journey 333
• Best Selling Author
Competition Combat

Are you struggling to grow your business? Do you find that you are losing members to the competition? The solution is to implement extraordinary customer care systems that differentiate you from the competition. In this session you will learn over 20 world class customer care systems to help you retain your members and combat the competition. In the hands-on session you will learn how to bring all the benefits of one on one training into the group setting. Come to this session if you want to learn to train the group like you train the individual and differentiate yourself from the competition.

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