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Monday, June 29



• Owner / Founder of Structure and Function Education
• Associate Professor, Athletic Training Programs, A.T. Still University
• Author, Bridging the Gap from Rehab to Performance
Managing Back Pain- What Are We Really Doing?

Back pain is a complicated, multi-factorial issue that affects most clients at some point in time. Research is showing that everything we were taught about posture, movement and manual therapy may not be doing what we think it is doing and it really begs the question, does it matter? In this session, Sue breaks down both the physical and biopsychosocial components to back pain, how our interventions may be affecting both, and really at the end of the day, what do we do with our client who is in pain? Walk away from this session with an evidenced based approach to back pain, and what to do with your clients on Monday.

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Tuesday, June 30



• Nationally recognized expert in human movement with nearly 30 years of professional experience and knowledge
• Has trained thousands of clients ranging from grandparents to professional athletes and Olympic champions
• Currently owns and operates Rocky's Personal Fitness Training, Inc. in Santa Cruz, CA
Understanding Gait & Posture for Better Program Design

Traditional strength training can encourage the body out alignment, reinforce compensatory patterns, and increase pain symptoms and chance of injury. Shouldn’t the goal be to bring the body back into a balanced, central position where human potential is at its greatest? This presentation briefly explores the shortcomings of our very young science of exercise and delves deeper into an alternative approach to traditional program design through a better understanding of posture and gait analysis that encourages the body to return to center, to re-align posture, reduce pain, and achieve optimal performance.

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Wednesday July 1



• General Manager for Results Fitness, one of Men's Health Magazines "Top 10 Gyms in America"
• More than 20 years of experience in sales and client experience
• Expert in buying psychology, persuasion and behavioral science
Becoming an Agent of Influence: The Art of Selling Your Passion

The second you realize that every conversation is a sale, the easier it gets. You've been selling your whole life. Lets put all that practice into purpose. Influence and persuasion are like any other skill, learn-able and coach-able. This sessions gives you actionable tools and techniques to make selling easy. You'll discover how to close more prospects, generate more income from current members and build impenetrable relationships with your clients.

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Thursday, July 2



• Owner of Lee Taft Athletic Consulting
• Lectures to coaches, schools, and organizations both nationally and internationally on athletic development principles
• Consultant to many athletes, coaches, and teams on the development of multi-directional speed programs
The Reactive Tier System for Speed

It is time we realize that an athletes speed is a product of a task and the environment. The drills we use in a training facility are often so distant from the actualization of how an athlete will move in sport. Allow me to share with you a system that all coaches, including you, can use in its entirety or seamlessly fit into your own system to increase an athletes court, field, ice, or track speed. Learn how perception and predictability play a tremendous role in great athletic speed. The hands on will change your approach to teaching speed forever!

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Friday, July 3

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