By Gary Gray, Gray Institute


Squatting is one of the most foundational movements in all of function. We squat when we walk, when we lift, when we throw, when we swing, when we dance, when we work, when we play. When we look at squatting we realize it is a Chain Reaction®.

Every joint contributes to the success of a squat. Squatting is 3-dimensional. All of our joints, muscles and nerves function in all three planes of motion when we squat. Squatting is driven. Driven by gravity, ground reaction force, mass and momentum; driven by our own purpose of the squat. Our feet are in various positions and our hands create different motions throughout the body. Therefore, squatting for power, for performance and for prevention must be facilitated as a Chain Reaction® in 3-D, as a matrix, and driven by the authentic drivers of function.

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