What you know doesn’t matter if you can’t explain it to someone else.

True professionals in any career stand apart because they have the power to express their ideas clearly and with power. Leadership is often about changing minds and getting people to follow your ideas and your way of getting it done, but if you can’t communicate clearly and with confidence to others, then what you believe will never be heard and what you know will not be heard by anyone.

Speaking well and professionally is the edge you are missing in your career, whether you are aspiring to be the next guru standing in front of the room changing beliefs or presenting to a group of 30 potential clients who are waiting patiently for you to present the reasons why you, and your business, is what they should choose to get the help they need.

Good speakers are not born, they are created through practice, study and getting a plan…and Perform Better has a workshop just for you which has created many of the finest speakers in the fitness industry today.

Thomas Plummer, recognized as one of the most powerful speakers in the fitness industry today, and coach and consultant to hundreds of the most successful fitness gurus, gym owners and fitness businesses worldwide, is teaching a three-day speaker development workshop designed for anyone who wants to expand their career by mastering the art of public speaking.

Who should attend this workshop? It doesn’t matter if you are dreaming about becoming that front of the room speaker who changes the minds of those in the industry, own a gym and need to present to groups as part of your business, or that individual who simply is afraid of public speaking and wants the challenge of finding out how good you can become, this workshop is for you. Also, if you are currently speaking but not getting the results you hoped for, then having professional coaching may be the answer.

How does it work? This is a limited workshop with a maximum of 18 students. You will learn how to create advanced presentations, make a living as a professional speaker, write and submit prospective topics and develop your personal brand. Most importantly, you will make extensive video presentations dissected there so you can see and learn immediately what you are doing and what you need to do to progress.

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A full refund can be issued 21 days prior to the event.