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Perform Better Rewards Program FAQs


How can I see my available rewards?


After logging into your Perform Better Account, go to your Rewards Dashboard and click on the MY REWARDS tab. Coupons for which you are eligible will be highlighted, and will be available for redemption at checkout. In the example below, the Rewards Member qualifies for a $5 and $10 coupon.


Rewards Dashboard - Coupons


How do I redeem my points for coupons?


On the checkout page you will see your available points, followed by available coupons. Select a coupon and click "Apply". The coupon discount will immediately be applied to your order. Below is an example


Redeem at Checkout


When do my points expire?


Unredeemed points expire after 15 months, BUT the expiration counter is reset whenever you make a purchase on PerformBetter.com.


How long does my tier status last?


Your tier status (Silver, Gold or Platinum) is based on the number of points you earn during a calendar year. For example, if you earn at least 500 points in the first year, you will reach Gold status and will retain Gold status the following year. You will need to earn at least 500 points the following year to maintain your Gold status for the third year.


Do Rewards Points have a monetary value?


Points do not have any monetary value and cannot be exchanged, transferred, or sold.


Do all purchases count for points?


All online purchases will earn you Rewards Points. Orders over the phone will NOT earn you points.


What happens to my points if I return an item?


Upon the return of an item, the number of points you received for the original purchase amount will be deducted from your account.


Is there a mimimum purchase amount required to redeem a Rewards Coupon?


No, there is no minimum purchase amount. Available Rewards Coupons can be used on any online purchase.


Can I apply more than one reward to a single online purchase?


No, you are only able to redeem one Rewards Coupon for each online purchase.


Can I be a member of the Rewards Program, but opt-out of email notifications about the program?


Yes, you may opt-out of Rewards Program email notifications and still be a member. On any email received from Perform Better, click on the "Manage Preferences" link at the bottom. Then, uncheck the box next to the Rewards Program Notifications list.



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