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Revamp your Bootcamp!

By Marc Lebert



Forget the trends and the next big thing – they don't live here. This is bootcamp! We train hard, we have fun, and we are here for the long haul. Here are a few tips to Revamp your Bootcamp and keep your club and profits pumping.


1) Strong Niche


I have taught at several bootcamp ONLY facilities (and also own my own) that make no apologies for what they are- basic box facility, studio tools and hard work. They are NOT yoga or zumba and will be very happy to point out that just down the street there is a yoga studio if that is what you are looking for. In my experience, nearly every walk-in is looking to lose weight but also looking at yoga/treadmill/crossfit as a possible solution. I'm happy to point them in the right direction if that is truly what they want but will also let them know that we specialize in weight loss and that they are in the right place.


2) Branding Your Bootcamp (Inside and Out)


Great bootcamp facilities have consistency in their external advertising focusing on weight loss- after all, that is what gets people in. Internally, however, the focus should be on personal attention and education so that members feel comfortable with both the instructors and proper exercise form. You have to get them in the door with whatever means possible but once inside it's about coaching, mindset and caring (all the authentic things that make us fitness professionals so great).


3) Build Your Tribe


Large chains will have a hard time keeping up with the sense of community a small operator can provide. Engage the members with monthly events - the more you give them (t-shirts and other swag, group outings, etc.) the more you will get back (referrals, talking about it on social media, etc.).


4) Strong First


One of my personal favourites. Whether it's bodyweight strength training (YES use those EQ's 😉) or weight lifting, bootcamps all incorporate a key element of strength. This leads to better results in terms of weight loss (primary objective) but is also crucial for greater function for daily activities, athletics and self esteem.


5) Programming


The beauty of bootcamp is that the programming can be highly flexible. Have your members run, climb, play, and much more. This is your chance to get creative!


6) Pump Up the Volume


They won't come back if it's not FUN! Instructors have to be passionate and energetic! I have seen many a “dated” program still pack the house because the instructor was so amazing! Pump the music up like a night club! Of course many of us campers are of a certain vintage now (yes I just turned 50! OMG) so do an 80's or 90's theme night. It's the Final Countdown!


7) Flex Hours


Unlike a chain with lots of rental equipment, you can save a lot of overhead by being open only when classes are running. Use off times to build your business!


8) Social Media


Here's another way you can beat out the big chains. Be amazing on social media! Here are my 4 “C”'s for social media success: create a Community (invite people to participate), Consistency (you have to post every day as a minimum and don't forget to go LIVE too), Content (keep it fun and about your club and members), and Conversation (create conversations and make sure to reply to messages).


I hope some of these tips get you thinking and will help you to revamp your bootcamp!


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Marc Lebert is the president of Lebert Fitness a global leader in developing innovative fitness tools, a fitness club owner, Black Belt, Certified NLP Practitioner, International Presenter, Silver Lining Entrepreneur of the Year, NEOS International Personal Trainer of the Year, named as one of Canada's #Top 100 Health Influencers by Optimyz Magazine and a member of the canfitpro Fitness Advisory Panel.


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