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At Perform Better, we know Plyometric Training! Whether you want to increase your vertical jump, improve speed, or gain power for football, basketball, volleyball, soccer, tennis, baseball, wrestling, or any other sport – we can help!


Ask the Expert: Mike Boyle


Mike Boyle"Plyometric training is the use of jumps, hops and throws to train for power. In simple terms, lifting weights trains the muscles while plyometrics trains the nervous system. Plyo box jumps, plyometric hurdle jumps and medicine ball throws are used to develop the efficiency of the nervous system. Plyometrics have been described as 'the link between strength and speed."


Mike Boyle, MA, ATC – Internationally recognized expert in strength and conditioning


Ask the Expert: Don Chu


In this video, Don Chu talks about the importance of plyometric training as part of any fitness routine.



Plyometric Exercises with Banana Steps


Banana Step Hurdles are extremely effective and versatile plyometric training devices. This video shows many exercises you can do with Banana Steps (also called mini-hurdles). The video ends with showing sample circuit exercises using Banana Steps, an agility ladder, a stability ball and Balance Steps.


Plyometric Training Equipment Categories


We're here to help you select the right plyometric training equipment for your needs. We offer an extensive selection of plyometric training equipment, including:



Plyometric Hurdles

Jump Ropes

Jump Trainers