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Weight equipment is a staple in any facility so choosing the right weight racks to fit your specific needs is key. From half racks and power racks to connectors , platforms and accessories, each rack features its own unique components to compliment and user and every facility.

Selecting the right weights for your facility is also a very important decision. From our high-end urethane line to our basic rubber plates and rubber encased dumbbells, we have multiple options which allow you to choose the perfect style for your facility. With customization options available as well, we can give your plates and dumbbells a professional look while helping enhance your school's team.

Once your consultation, layout and equipment needs have been discussed, we will put together a price quote for you to finalize what your room will cost. Our pricing competes with anyone in the industry and we are always ready to offer quality discounts, strong warranties and extended service to help make this process as budget-friendly as possible.

Many of our items are in-stock and ready to ship when your order is placed. We pride ourselves on being able to arrange shipments and deliveries for the times when you want your equipment to arrive. If needed, our team of professional installers can come out and set up your facility for you! Whether it is before, during or after your job is finished, we will be there to support you throughout the entire process. To get started, call 1-888-556-7464 or click here.

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