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ON-GROUND Function: Learning to Function....on the ground



By Lenny Parracino CMT, FAFS


As we are aware we must crawl before we run! But what happens when we are walking, running, squatting, etc. and can't crawl? As babies we first developed core stability through on-ground movements and patterns (crawling, scooting, pulling ourselves up) which eventually translated to upright stability. As adults we tend to lose our ability to function on the ground. It's the use it or lose it adaptation phenomenon. Could it be possible that our complex patterns in movement can benefit from more efficient on ground patterns?


Research shows that our bodies are not built like a stack of blocks or move like rigid levers but instead exhibit a continuous tension throughout the whole system and functions most efficiently when moving like a symphony of bodily oscillations. With the increasing popularity of plank exercises it's important to remember that the body was not designed to function in static holds but rather in dynamic, multi-directional and multi-driver patterns. Watching a child crawl or a wrestler move on the ground can give us an appreciation of this bodily symphony. By utilizing an on-ground strategy to regain various patterns that were once natural to us may serve to greatly benefit! Please join the Gray Institute team for an exciting way to look at on-ground function.


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