Move Your Feet Videos

with Guy Massi, SSC, SCS, CES, CFSC, CTBS, CSSN

Guy Massi is a highly skilled, industry recognized professional Strength & Conditioning, Fitness and Sports Performance Specialist. This series of videos will help you or your athlete reach your goals by breaking down and studying the fundamentals in the world of fitness.

Coach Massi uses a wide range of equipment including:

Tsunami Bars
Mini Bands

Keiser Functional Trainer
First Place Rubber Encased Hex Dumbbells

PB Extreme Soft Toss Elite Medicine Balls

PB Extreme Foam Plyobox

Orange Cones

The Trainer

Ultimate Sandbag


Cuing, Coaching & Progressing The Vertical Shin Split Squat

Pop Up Progressions Wrap Up (Episode 4)

Pop Up Progressions (Episode 3)

Pop Up Progression/Regression (Episode 2)

Pop Up Progression-Regression (Episode 1) a.k.a. "Sweet Hips"

Flexible Barbell Horizontal Offset Rear Stepping Modified Sumo (or Samurai) Squat

Flexible Barbell (Tsunami Barbell) Offset Rear Stepping Active Split Squat Progression

Split Squat Stand to Deliver with Rotational Element

Split Squat Stand to Deliver

Building the Jumping Base with Resistance & Oscillation

Progressing Simple Jump Mechanics

Simple "Jump" Mechanics (Low Impact Regression Concepts)

Modified Hip Rotation Test & "Goalie's Movement”

The Thrower's Get-Up: Part 2

Introduction to The Athlete's GetUp

Offset Loading Progression/Regression Option

Promoting Vertical Trunk Stability

Horizontal Trunk Stability (Part 2)- Lateral Aspect Activations

Horizontal Trunk Stability (Part 1)- Linear Aspect Activations

Load Explode Simple Lateral Drills

Introduction to the "Load-Explode"

Progressing the Toss Across towards Dead Stall Power Protocols

“Toss Across” Basic Multi-planar Assessment

Training Options for Lateral Movement & Ground Engagement

No Zero Base Biomechanics

Utilizing Ground Reaction Force

Simple GRF Utilization Concepts for Jumping and Landing Efficacy

Know Your Violent Feet & Ground Reaction Forces

Violent Feet Concepts: Forward Reverse Drills

Violent Feet Concepts: Firing Up the Feet

Violent Feet Concepts: Dynamic Movement

Violent Feet Concepts: Static Base Drills

Bob Stopper

Winning Angles

Find Your Feet

Switching Split with Overhead Press

Change Your Levels

Drop-Push Progression (Decelerate-Slide)

Drop-Push Base Progressions

Force Jump Base Variations

Stepping "jump-Thru" Dead Lift Variations

Special Viewer's Q&A Edition

Dynamic Diagonal Free Bar Press