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Medicine Ball Training Zone!


At Perform Better, we know Medicine Ball Training! Medicine balls are great for building core strength for overall fitness or for any sport. Check out our articles and videos from leading experts!


Featured Medicine Ball Training Articles


7 Awesome Medicine Ball Drills to Increase Speed! – Lee Taft

The Benefits of Soft Toss Medicine Balls – Mike Boyle


Ask the Expert: Vern Gambetta


Vern Gambetta"Medicine ball work is an integral part of my athlete development system. Over the years I have found it to be a very useful tool to develop postural strength, improve range of motion and enhance coordination. Medicine ball training is highly adaptable, versatile and portable which affords a wide range of options for use. I incorporate some type of medicine ball work daily in training. Every warm-up incorporates some type of medicine ball core module to get everything connected and synced up. The different types of medicine balls have various uses depending on the athlete and the type of workout. Take your training to another level by incorporating medicine ball work."


Vern Gambetta, MA – Director of Gambetta Sports Training Systems


Medicine Ball Training Progressions with Mike Boyle


In these videos, Mike Boyle explains and demonstrates a progression of core medicine ball exercises. The first video in the series covers kneeling medicine ball exercises as a progression to the medicine ball lunge.



View more Mike Boyle medicine ball videos, including:


• Lunging Chest Throw

• Overhead Drills

• Overhead Slam


Soft Medicine Ball Exercises


This video demonstrates three exercises using PB Extreme Soft Toss Medicine Balls:


• Kneeling Underhand Tosses

• Squat to Clean to Press to Slams

• Up and Over Staggered Slams


Medicine Ball Equipment Categories


Perform Better offers a variety of quality medicine balls and related products, including:


Bouncing & Non-bouncing Medicine Balls

Medicine Balls with Handles or Rope

Medicine Ball Rebounders

Medicine Ball Storage Racks