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Lebert Fitness: Leg Strength Training



Let’s start with hamstrings! Place the heel of your foot on the foam grip and hands on the t-legs of the Lebert EQualizer. Raise hips up, squeeze glutes (lock out) and add the stretch if you are feeling adventurous! Plenty of quad dominant exercises to show you as well as a few hamstring and adductors.


In order:


1. Squat with EQ front dent raise
2. Squat with heels on EQ (useful as an assist for limited ankle mobility)
3. Squat with EQ overhead press
4. EQ hip extension for the hammies, glutes and low back (explanation in first video)
5. EQ hip extension with stretch
6. EQ single leg hip extension
7. EQ assisted pistols (advanced move- pistols require a lot of explanation not available here)
8. Pistol Blooper
9. EQ split squats
10. EQ split squats with jump
11. EQ split squats with extension
12. EQ single leg RDL
13. EQ Star Position side plank with adductor and hip activation
14. EQ adductor leg lift (CAUTION: please see notes!)
15. EQ assisted reverse lunges
16. Upside down EQ jump lunges/tricep press .


NOTE: the first adductor exercise keeps the foot on ground loading the hip. We call this the Star Position and a great regression for the adductor leg lift which is very advanced and not appropriate for most.


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